Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's feeling a LOT like Christmas!

It's finally happened I'm out of the bahumbug faze and ready to celebrate, oh shhs I know it's the 23rd of December. It just really hasn't felt like the holiday season, people have been grumpy, my office moved so the tree got up late and the snow which yes should put me in the Christmas mood has just made me moody. I hate driving in it and the ice that comes along with it.

Today something happened NO the snow didn't melt, but the streets I must say were nicer. As long as you stayed off the side roads, you know the ones where Cole's School is and where Grandma Pat's (Daycare) are located. This is what today looked like, The top is yesterday and the bottom is today. Better right? Well at least the moon is out :).

This is the lovely parking lot (yup it's under there) at Cole's school. You can barely see the Chapel on the Right.

But enough about that, I made it to work just a little behind schedule. I passed out all the cookie trays and people ohh and ahh'd which of course made me feel like a proud momma! I even got some amazing treats to. My favorite is from Jana, we call her Jana Banana. She made the cutest banana bread, check it out:

After "testing" now really I didn't eat all 4 pieces of the peanut butter fudge Jana gave me! And of course the bread was too cute so I didn't slying open a side and take a nibble. Oh Lord thankfully the rest of the girls gave me giftcards and nice smelly lotions. The giftcards were to Starbucks, now to find a yummy LOW fat but tastey drink. I think the Green Tea Frappacini I love is not on that catergory.

Back to the taste at hand "Santa's Workshop" aka Alexis wraps the Christmas Exchange Gifts opened. I think this is totally what put me in the Christmas Spirit, see my gifts have been bought and wrapped under the tree since the day after thanksgiving (Read my My Post Ode to Black Friday). So it didn't really feel Christmasy with no shopping to do. So today with my cookies being a hit, yummy treats from my friends and presents to wrap I was excited about the season. I wasn't able to finish all the gifts I have 3 left and still need gifts from 10 people. Tomorrow should be fun since the party is at 11:30 and I'm sure most people won't give me their gifts until 10:45ish. Must love working with guys :). So I leave you with some great pictures of "Santa's Work Shop".

Santa's Tools, Double stick tape and Electric Scissors.

We're you really surprised I'm crazy like that. Hello I wrapped every ones gifts at home in their own color paper.

Lay out all the things you need.
Double Stick Tape Rocks. No ugly tape lines, yes I know I'm nuts. But the presents are oh so pretty!
Look at those corners aren't they GREAT?

This paper was awesome the flowers were velvet. Very Pretty.

Doesn't the work tree look pretty.

I do a great job! Sorry needed to pat myself on the back :).

And I leave you with the LARGEST snowman I've ever seen.

This was on the block over from us, it stood around 8 FEET!


  1. Where is the rest??? or are we singing right now...la la la...oh my hubby ate all the flatten banana cookies tonight, well we both did...

  2. Congrats on the SITS Saucy list! I can attest to a little Xmas malaise from time to time but I think I have eaten my share and a bit more of the Xmas cookie exchange cookies. OOPS...

  3. That snow is beautiful! I'm moving in!

  4. Good idea Chef E eat the evidence, that is what I always say.

    Felicia come on over, from what I read on your blog your a great cook. I say if you and Chef E will move in I would be one lucky women. My husband would think he's gone to heaven with all that yummy food!

  5. I love the snow! Your Tree looks Great!!!

  6. You can keep the snow ... LOL it's pretty for TV and the mountains. I'm so not a cold weather or driving in snow gal :)

  7. Oh man I know the roads are terrible...and it just dumped on us again! I honestly don't know if I can get to work today! And I live less than 3 mins away!

    Oh well tomorrow is Christmas and much better day. :D

    oh and your presents are gorgeous! I am a horrible wrapper. Everyone knows which presents Shalee wrapped...
    But my husband, he is a fantastic present wrapper. He is a perfectionist through and through.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  8. That is quite a snowman. And some pretty serious scissors!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  9. Love the snow pics! And that's a huge snowman! Congrats on being saucy!

  10. Cute blog! thanks for coming by and playing in the Yaya Christmas give away....the drawing will be tonight and then one last HURRAH for tonight's last give away for Christmas Day!

    I hope that you and those you hold close to your heart have a beautiful and loving Christmas Eve & Christmas Day! xo..deb

  11. Ahhh ... Thank you girls! I hope you all have a wonderful and special day with your family!

    Big Hugs!

  12. You ROCK girl!!! And the pictures are awesome too!!!
    Merry Christmas my sweet friend!
    Big Hugs, Vanessa

    Posted on Myspace by Ms. Vanessa on Dec 23, 2008 8:40 PM

  13. Thanks for all the cookies and the pretty plate. I'm happy you liked all your goodies ,
    I couldn't help but call it Jana Banana Bread thought it was funny LOL

    we will worry about the heathly stuff next year LOL

    Hey, we went to subway today thats good right:)

    Jana Banana

    Posted on Myspace by jana on Dec 23, 2008 10:07 PM

  14. Ahh thanks my girlies, Have a wonderful Christmas! Love ya all!


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