Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The carnival tried to kill me! And oh yeah my son STREAKED! UGH

By Saturday let’s just say I needed a glass of wine (and you who read & know me know that is a VERY rare thing).  Yes I have posted about Jello Shots lately but really I may have gotten one of one of those batches, come to think of it I think I did only get one … yup not much of a drinker (food sadly is my passion and the muffin top along with muffin butt & thighs to prove it).

So Saturday afterwork I rolled my butt to the couch and NOT to the gym where I should have went.  Then I got up and cleaned like a mad woman (that was because Rick moved to the couch and I no longer could rest … darn man … lol just joking).  Poor thing was like a lump on the couch (he’s 2nd day home from the hospital).  So I have this thing when I clean I’m a NUT and I know it.  I start in one room then go to grab something in another room and start cleaning there.  Let’s just say I started to clean the fridge by taking the drawers and shelves.  Well I ended up leaving the door open went to grab a cloth and got distracted by the smell of pee from the boys on the toilet!  UGH 4 HOURS later, I cleaned under the boys bed (Wait for the post tomorrow), the Bathroom, the kitchen and I even tried out my NEW Shark Vac/Steam.  Which is pretty darn good (as best I can expect with this DARN shedding DOG).

After I cleaned until I couldn’t breath I headed to my friends house to fix her computer.  You who have AOL and then try to change to a new provider, LORD you’ll be in for some work.  AOL is really a pain in the butt to delete all the things it installs on your computer and even when you install a NEW provider it will over-ride it.  My poor friend spent hours trying to get it set up, I thankfully got it cleaned up and set up so she now how internet!  The boys of course enjoyed pool time and riding time!  I did get to put my feet up (Rick was sweet Friday let me run and get a pedi so I showed off my toes).

Blogger Pics

Sunday was the carnival (yes the one I said I would NEVER do again) I was sucked back into it.  And let me tell you it was a nightmare to set it up.  AND the ladies in the daycare would help watch the boys they told me that they only were doing under 3 and my boys were pretty much NOT welcomed Sad smile.  YUP I almost lost it, here I am spending my time to set up a carnival and then work it (I was there from 9:30a to 4p) and they couldn’t help out so I could help.  To say I was pissed was a understatement!  It sadly was the nail in the coffin that let me know I’ve made the right decision to change churches. But I promised that I would help and boy did I.  Somehow I was thrown in the roll of set up and point of contact girl.  I was running around setting up each of the stalls and going nuts.  I counted FIVE church members of a congregation of 200+ helping!  It was so freaking sad (but a good amount of them of course where out there enjoying the FREE food and games … ok off my soap box).

Blogger Pics1

Then the flood gates opened early at 11am instead of 12pm and of course we weren’t ready but we rolled with it.  I worked a popcorn machine from 11am to 3pm.  WHILE guarding the cupcakes for the cake walk.  OK on my soap box one more time! We had cupcakes made for the cake walk … ADULTS (yeah it wasn’t the kids doing this) kept walking up behind the game to grab cupcakes!  I kept having to tell ppl I’m sorry those are for the game and then I would turn back to my popcorn to turn back around to see that same adult grabbing a cupcake thinking I wouldn’t SEE!  THEN the adults took over the cake walk not letting KIDS play so they could win and they would keep playing until they got a cupcake.  I saw one lady WALK OUT with 8 CUPCAKES!  I also had the lady that loaded up 6 hamburgers and then get PISSED at me that I didn’t have a bag so she could carry them home in!  THEN at 2pm when we ran out of hot dogs and hamburgers I had ppl actually yell at me why the food was out, and some even told me to go into the kitchen and find more! Between cupcakes and other free food I think I was about to loose it.

THEN it happened one of the teens came running over to me “CADEN IS NAKED GOING DOWN THE WATER SLIDE”.  OH yes my little boy decided instead of asking me to put his swim trunks on he would just strip down NUDE and go down the slide with the kids.  That picture of him in the wet T-Shirt is after I had to CRAWL in to the thing called the Vortex to get him since he would come to me.  I had to try to throw clothes on him quickly.  OH boy!  And that last picture is me spent tired sweaty and wanting to go home!!!

Blogger Pics2

Happy Wednesday everyone I’m still trying to get my barring's back between work, the kids and Rick moving slow. 


  1. I am thinking the people in your soon to be old church are some of the rudest people I have ever read about.
    Dump 'em. You don't need 'em

  2. Oh my! That carnival sounds crazy! I can't believe the all!! WOW!

    That is too funny about Caden...I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but I hope you were able to laugh about it afterwards. :-)

  3. oh lordy lordy honey!!
    i cannot believe how the ADULTS acted about everything.. but i will say this.. good for him for streaking considering how most at the church are.. you can consider it pay back.. lol!!

  4. I hope they appreciated what you did. Can't believe Caden got naked.
    That is really funny! Glad you got your friends computer fixed and were able to relax a little bit.
    You always amaze me!

  5. Wow. I would definitely change as well and never help them again. That is horrible. You did everything you could and did an amazing job. What is it with little boys wanting to be naked lol. Glad you could put your feet up.

  6. I read your post and I had my mouth open in shock of how unbelievably ungrateful and childish some people can act! Girl you are a much better person than me 'cause Lord knows I think I may have blown up! How dare that lady get mad! Sounds like you are making the right choice in leaving this church.
    Blessings, Joanne

  7. Wow, sounds like it's definitely a good thing you changed churches! I agree, AOL is a pain in the arse at times. It's not a provider I'd ever consider again.

  8. I would have needed a lot more than wine...

  9. Bless your heart how crazy that all was.
    I am with's time to find a new church.

  10. Holy cow! I would have been pissed beyond belief!!! That is just crazy!!!

  11. Poser you just amazing me.. You go girl..


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