Friday, August 5, 2011

If this is Tuff … I’m super woman!

Well I guess I once did wear this cape:

SM Alexis

So Poor Jake doesn’t have a lot of excitement around here while I’m working so I try to get him something to chew on. I’ve tried a little of every toy out there.  Usually the NON stuffing ones are a hit, but that bugger of a dog keeps sneaking them outside and even a good wash in the machine doesn’t clean them enough to bring in side.  So I hit the pet store thinking ok I’m going to spend a little more but get a toy that last a long time and is easy to clean.  I hit the toy isle on a mission then I was overwhelmed with all the choices.  As you all know I love our dog but I’m not one of the mush buy outfits etc for the dog.  I go in want to find one thing and out I go.  After 20 minutes and thinking I rather pull out my eyelashes then try to find what toy may be right I come across this one that says right on the front “TUFF STUFF”.  It’s made from neoprene material and the inside said it can last up against the toughest play.  I’m thinking oh good this can last a good amount of time!

I walk in show Jake his new toy he almost bounces me over like I’m Fred Flintstone and he’s Dino (yes it’s spelled that way I googled it, pronounced Dee-no).   I rip of the tag, before I’m run over again for it.  And off he goes!  I go about my work and with in 15 minutes Caden comes running in throwing fluff like it’s snowing in my kitchen.  He’s giggling the dog is jumping and I’m feeling like I’m part of some children’s story gone wrong.  I pick up the first batch of stuffing and try to pull out the rest so it won’t be a big mess.  Thinking ok if I get rid of this he can just run around with the rope and the duck part of the toy.  Yes you can see a picture below of him doing just that!

Then I go back to work and think he’s good for a while.  With in an hour and half the head has been pulled off the stuffing has been removed the rope has a body that one resembled a duck left.  And that darn stuffing is back all over my floor, that is the duck head in the middle of that mess.  So I’ve moved from a Cat who left me dead mice to a decapitated duck.  The head as my gift … Guess it’s better than the mice so I didn’t have to do the scream the little dance and then call for Rick.

Well $15 for an hour and half of fun … hmmm not sure on that one!  Tuff Stuff you let me down like a bra that has last it’s elastic and underwire that is now poking me in my boob!  Oh the life!  And with that visual I’m going to back out with my once perking upper self Smile.

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  1. rrggghhh!
    you must have you a killer doggie!!
    have a wonderful wkend!!!!!!

  2. Bummer. I would go back with the photos and ask for a refund

  3. Love that dog, too funny. I agree, take a photo and get a refund.
    Love the cape!!!!! ;-)

  4. My dog does the same exact thing and I have not found something that he can't destroy. I think it must be a lab thing :)

  5. Does he like squeaky toys? I think its squeaky anyway and its rubber.. my mom used to get her dogs this toy that looked like a newspaper rolled up and it squeaked i believe it. might not have.. its rubber so its easy to clean..

  6. OMG! They have so much fun doing that. Sorry that toy didn't work out like it was advertised. Skye can distroy the toughest of toys. Actually I like the flat unstuffed ones now. She still destroys them but it's not so messy. My daughters dog has every plush toy in perfect shape, he doesn't destroy them. Skye even gets the squeekers out of the hardest rubber toys or they are too hard and she doesn't play with them.

  7. I find the toys that say they are doggy proof are SOOOOOOO NOT! Our Max has a hand towel that he carries around like Linus from Charlie brown.
    Blessings, Joanne

  8. Man! My son's dog and my sisters both go through toys...we only buy ropes and those giant chewy bones, which also they destroy like *POOF* that!

    Reminds me also of how a kid in the pool yesterday brought his sponge bob doll into the water, before you knew it two kids were pulling it and the grandmother realized it was inside out, meaning stuffing was exposed. Later me, Marybeth and the pool guard saw this white stuff floating, it looked like LMAO a big snot floating on the water LOL it was too funny, and we realized it was the stuffing from poor sponge bob, he lost some brains!

  9. DON'T get your puppy stuffed toys...when they rip them open (as you obviously know they do) they can swallow the stuffing and that can block them up.

    Try a KONG. Those are great - you just rinse them off. They are expensive but you probably wont go through more that 2 or 3 a year. IF you want you can put a treat in the center and if not, then just let Jake play with it as is. We always had labs growing up and this was by far the preferred toy by all (doggies and ppl) and tennis balls but those don't clean so well...

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  11. Jake is so like Belle.. Those tuff toys are not so tuff. I give up also on toys.. Thanks for stopping by sorry I have not been by in a while..

  12. I laughed so hard my oatmeal went up my nose!

  13. I can certainly relate with you.
    One of our cats uses it's claws to dig lent out from under bookcases, the stove and refrigerators.
    Not fun especially after just mopping the floor.

  14. Oh gosh how funny though. They shouldn't be called tuff if they aren't lol

  15. I won the exact same toy and it was chewed up the same way Jake's was! I think it was the beagle that did it. He loved it until all that was left was the head of the duck.


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