Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pork & Potatoes on the lighter side.

Rick told me no more chicken this week, lol.  So I found a pork recipe and then he’s been asking (whining, just joking) for Au Gratin Potatoes.  I went on the hunt for weight watcher versions.  I love Google.

I found this Potato Au Gratin recipe that turned out so yummy full of flavor you wouldn’t know it was low calorie.


Au Gratin Potatoes (WW 3 Pts)

<p>Another recipe that we love to have but now we have a low calorie version. </p>

See Au Gratin Potatoes (WW 3 Pts) on Key Ingredient.

Next on the list was pork that was easy to marinate and then on my grill in the house (well I tried to bake first but it didn’t work so well).  This Garlic Lime Marinate for pork chops was easy and yummy.


Garlic Lime Marinated Pork (WW 5 pts)

<p>An easy Marinate that you can throw together and let it go.</p>

See Garlic Lime Marinated Pork (WW 5 pts) on Key Ingredient.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  What are your dinner plans for tonight?


  1. A very lovely dinner. Flavour galore here, thanks to the marinade and the seasonings employed. Good job.
    I made a 5 lettuce salad for lunch with celery, carrot, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, dressed with a simple olive oil/lemon juice/mustard dressing and topped with broiled wild salmon broiled with black pepper, salt, sugar and lemon juice.
    For supper we had a vegetable melange: carrot, snow pea, water chestnut, baby corn, green onion; stir fried with Thai red curry sauce and velvet chicken.

  2. I've never made Au Gratin potatoes from scratch. They look great. The pork looks delicious.

  3. MMM yummy. I love Au Gratin potatoes must try healthy for my picky fam!

  4. *sigh* when, oh when can I come to dinner. I know, one day when I come your way again...I am so drooling right now...never thought I could drool so much over cheese!

  5. Oh that looks yummy. If you are looking for another delicious and fairly low cal pork recipie let me know and I'll give you my brown sugar sage pork chop recipie that is always a huge hit here (I make it with brown rice and carrots as the sides).

  6. Your hubby sounds so much like mine. lol!! This meal looks and sounds fantastic!


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