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Sunday, November 2, 2008

I should have known the day would turn out like this ...

Today started out as an early one with the time change the TV program I take order for came on an hour late which screwed us all up and we ended up working until 2:30 or technically 1:30am since the clocked moved back an hour. Oh joy was I really looking forward to that the night before? So my body really is thinking it's 2:30 and of course I can't sleep, I think I finally feel asleep around 3:30 (ok 2:30, oh I really hate this time change). And why not add the boys waking up at get this 6:30 (real time) so yes you added that right I had a total of 4 hours of sleep. Do you think everyone would take a nap later and I could sleep, nope by that time I'm so dead to world I can't even fall asleep. I was about to get up and ready to meet our play date when she called to say they needed to reschedule, which was totally cool a little down time is great.

Well the down time sounded great in theory until you get 3 ramped up kids running around your house and you look out the window and it's pouring! Oh crap plan B or am I on E already? Call Auntie Tarra to see if we can come visit and watch the new movie that should be in my mailbox. We stop by the mailbox to find out it's not here, great this day really sucks. We headed up to Tarra's to watch what movies she had and just relax.

The kids ran around crazy as usual Tarra and I are use to this and just went about our day. Khari's dad was not so use to this and the he did she did that comes along with 3 and 4 year olds. Tarra and I were talking about parenting and I was thinking wouldn't that make a good blog about parenting styles. It's funny as a parent we always want to side with our kid and step in and be the savior, not thinking maybe they ran into that wall or maybe that other little kid did hit them. It's almost wear you have to see it to make a judgement call and other times you just need to console them and let them know you love them and go back to play. It's great to sit back and be an observer of how one parent handles and the other one does, you can make judgements and think oh I would never do that. But in truth you have no clue unless you are that parent at that moment in time. So this was going to be a funny blog about parenting styles and the do's and dont's that we teach. I had it all planned out in my head!

Then I went out to my car to find someone had hit my drivers side door. Yup that was my same thought (maybe with a few more bad words). Ok bright side hit and runs are a cheaper deduct able for me, and since it's drivable I can drive it and then let the body shop have it for one day so I'm not out a week of my 20% deductible for rental cars. Ok that is all the positive I can give you at this point because I now have a VERY cranky husband who thankfully isn't taking it out on me (maybe it was when I reminded him he had 3 accidents in the last few years). And while I was driving home all I could hear was the wind since now my door doesn't line up and if I really wanted to I could stick my finger out the top. Ok I'm ending now, I think mentally I'm ok I was going to cry at first but really what is that going to do for me. More later, I'm sure I'll have some lovely insurance story to tell later this week.
The boys watch Ratatouille at Tarra's house
Caden the poser, isn't he stylin'?
Cole all decked out in Mardi Gras beads
Here it is my poor car door
Another angle


  1. Oh Geeze lady! What a weekend...Hope you figure out a way to at least get some sleep soon. I am very sorry to hear about your car...My heart skipped a beat when I saw the pic before I read your post I am really glad it wasn't an accident that you were IN.

  2. I actually went to bed at 9pm last night and only woke up 4 times, 2 times with the baby who fell out of the bed (the railing came off, not sure how that happened). The alarm went off around 6am, but my little friend was up and pounding around at 5:30am opening and closing the doors!

    Nope I came out to my car to find this great site, isn't that just nice!!!

  3. You poor thing! Your day sucked!!!! I'm so sorry and your car looks like.....well you know!
    Did they at least leave a number or anything? Good thing is, tomorrow has to be a better day!

    Posted by Ms. Vanessa on Nov 2, 2008 9:46 PM

  4. Nope no number no note, nothing! Thankfully the gal's house I was at is an insurance agent, she she talked very calm to me and helped me call and let me know what to expect. With it being like a hit and run my deductable should be lower. Fingers crossed they can just order a new door, so I won't be with a rental car for to many days. Fingers crossed .... Ugh!


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