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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ode to Black Friday

Oh Black Friday how much do I love you and all the craziness that comes along with great deals! The manner that fly out the window, to the pushing and shoving and the long lines. What would I do with out this day each year. Sleep in that's what I would do, but no I put myself in this Olympic race for the best Christmas Gift at the best price! So to you Black Friday I dedicate this Olympic race!

Ready Set Get Your Engines Started! Go ...

Alarm set for 4am, yes it's midnight the night of Thanksgiving. You've been up since 6:30am cooking, cleaning and pleasing all, but still you have more to do. You finally fall into bed to double check that the alarm is set for 4am! If feels like the alarm goes off as soon as your head hits the pillow, you know why because it did! Look in the mirror, take a step back yup that is really you! Run a comb thru your hair, and don't forget to brush your teeth. At least your hair will be frizzy (but combed) and your breath and teeth will be clean. Hop in the car and head over to the only other person that you know that will be getting up this early. I want you to know I made it there 2 minutes before I said I would be there (see what happens when I don't have to get kids ready). Lucky for you she has coffee and a mug ready to go, now that's what friends are for. Double check purses and notice she forgot to throw in the wallet, grab that and your in your friends car. It is now almost 5am and with the help of coffee you can actually see (guess that was a smudge on my glasses and not on the road).

We make it to Wal-Mart to find that not everyone is not having the economy problems you were counting on. The parking lot is filled to the brim, drive around 2 times and just say who cares a little brisk air will help keep us awake. Walk into the store which is a crazy madhouse of pushing and screaming! Yup we've entered the zone and we're on, now if you ever need a person to go Black Friday Shopping with it's Amy. This girl rocks she bobs and weaves and gets right in there and grabs what you need. Yup I told here what I had highlighted on my ad and she was like a bullet being shot out of a gun. She came back with her hands full, plus being the AWESOME thinker she brought cloth shopping bags, so we could load up. The big deal was $2 movies, those cloth bags came in handy as I was loading up as quick as I could. There was hands all over grabbing and pulling. We make it out to the check out area within 1/2 hour! Then we get in line and think ok this should be so bad, yeah right 45 minutes later we make it up to the front of the line. Mind you we had to be behind the Psycho shopper who complained the whole time about the lines, the checkers, the people, she even yelled at different workers (I gave up counting after 5 times). Oh joy this is so giving me a look into our future of the day.

Back in the car we go and off to Target, now you walk in here and you can see the difference from the beginning. People were calm, no pushing or shoving or climbing over people to get to whatever toy is on sale. Amy and I both looked at each other and commented on how different Target was to Wal-Mart shopping. We got a lot of the items we had on the list (minus a few DS Games I was looking for). We did the whole 1 person stands in line while the other shops, I had to run around the store to see where Amy went. You would think with the line wrapped around the store and back up, it looked like a giant U. The funny thing is it went faster then the little line we were in at Wal-Mart, they had someone at the front directing you to which lane. We were out of there and head to the mall around 7:30am.

Off to Old Navy to pick up some deals, you would never believe the line there. It was so short, usually it is wrapped around like a U. Usually one of us hops in line while the other shops, this time I tried to get in line but it moved so fast that within 5 minutes I was to the front and jumped back out to do my shopping. I picked up some super cute sweaters for work and a few items for the boys. 8:30am I'm doing awesome in time, since Rick has to work and I need to be back by 9:30am.

Off to Bath & Body Works for Amy, I hop in line while she shops since the line was rather long. We finish up there and we're off to the next store.

Sears here I come, I find the saw thingy that Rick picked out and head to the check out. Not too bad of a line, a little slow but over all it went rather quick.

By the time we made it back to the car it was time to head back to Amy's house so I could make it back home by 9:30am. Plus I still have one more store I need to go too before the sale ends at 11am. We rush back to her house get the bags transferred to my car and I'm back in the car heading towards home. With just a little prodding Rick has gotten all kids dressed for me and ready to go.

Back in the car we go and off to Fred Meyers for the awesome sock sale, plus a few other items that add up. But not as much as the lady in front of me, wow oh wow her total was over $600 I almost fainted. We checked out and even got a box of mini donuts they were handing out, yeah breakfast for the kids. Mom calls and wants to meet to pick Cole up, did I mention Cole is spending the night there? Yup oh yeah it's going to be quiet around my house for once! Drive to a few exits down meet my parents and do the drop ... LOL. Back home for a little rest before we go out again.

Rest over back in the car and this time K-Mart return a few items and pick up a few more. I'm doing pretty good at keeping the receipt thing! I forgot how easy it was to shop with just 2 kids, it was a breeze and no one asking if they could have anything. Just two more stops before we can retire for the night. Hit the Dollar Tree to picking up wrapping paper, hey why spend outrageous amounts on something that will be torn up and put in the recyclers later that same day? One more stop I promise boys, Over to Micheal's to pick up that scrapbook I've been promising Rick I'd buy to put all Cole's school stuff in. And finally home for the night.

But what the Olympics aren't over just yet, you still must wrap all the presents. Perfect timing since Rick is at work and Cole is not home. So you know it all the presents are wrapped and just because I'm crazy like that color coded for the person! Oh yeah I'm so done, well ok just a couple little items and stocking stuffers but besides that I'M DONE!!!

Check it out wrapped presents under the non-decorated tree!

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