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Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh geez I really need to watch my sayings ...

Today Cole has said two of my favorite sayings plus one just plain funny one! Cole's PreK class had a field trip today to Chevy's Restaurant. Yup I thought the same thing, but hey whatever gets them out and learning new things is great by me. So Rick got to go on his first field trip today, not because this is his favorite restaurant ... well maybe just a little bit the reason. They showed the kids how they made homemade tortillas (which you can get fresh and hot ones for free just like the chips and they come with a yummy jalapeno pepper jelly). Can you tell that is my favorite thing there? Ok it's the only thing I like but since it's Rick's favorite I suffer thru with carbs! An Atkins diet nightmare that is me!

On the way home Rick to Cole and his locker buddy back to the school. The kids got crayons, Cole some how had 5 and the little boy had 3, which wasn't going over well. So Cole turns to the boy and gives him all his crayons. Then turns to Rick and says "Daddy he can have my crayons, he's driving me crazy" (oh yeah all me) and to end with one of my favorites "I can't deal with this anymore". Oh geez this is the part that I slap my head and groan!

On to more pleasant news I spent forever on the phone with my claims trying to figure out where a form on the WA state patrol is to do a collision report. After several attempts the lady pretty much told me to figure it out and oh yeah why don't I send an email to WA state tech support for help! HELLO WTF do I pay $2500 (two vehicles) a year for? You take my money every month, and have been doing so for the last 9 years! I haven't been (knock on wood) getting into trouble but now when some idiot hits my car I'm left with a crank operator who doesn't have the time to help me. I was fuming and called my agent who personally walked me thru to get to the form, yup that is why I stay with him all these years. So I'm on the road to getting my car fixed. Which is perfect timing since the wind noise is driving me crazy (see here I go again with that) and oh yeah now that it is raining profusely and thank you weather man will continue for the rest of the week I'm not getting wet. Oh glorious days!

My night ended with a little shopping and Cole standing up and announcing "My Butt works", yup needing the laughs keep them coming. Since I needed a little comic relief from my life I'm sharing this picture that made me laugh!

Caden eating his first Ice Cream Cone


  1. Oh, what a cute picture of Caden and his first ice cream cone! I remember Jake's first cone...:) Sounds like a fairy low-key night for you comparatively!

  2. So needed a little laugh, I took that picture a while ago and just thought last night was the perfect time for it!

    Oh yeah low-key ... LOL. Here's our my night have to p/u a r/x and oh yeah TP run to target. Then stop by Rick's work since they have a major sale going on. Get home about 7pm put the pizza in the oven. Have my little friend pace my kitchen liking walking back and forth infront of the oven makes it cook faster. We eat, Rick comes home and we decide we know how to talk and non stop talk to Rick of course. Then we actually hanging out in the front room since oh yeah Rick is out there! It's just lovely being a woman and being respected!

    TY again for the bear I gave Bri the money! Hope your feeling good today!

  3. They do pick up on everything we do!!

    That is such a cute picture of Caden!!! And I just realized if I click on the picture it gets way bigger....WOW!!!

    Posted by Ms. Vanessa on Nov 4, 2008 7:33 AM

  4. I know I so need to watch it. One day he's going to say something that should never be said ... LOL

    You crack me up. Thanks I think he is too, but I'm a little biased :)


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