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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The talks begin +++ Some WONDERFUL Results!

Yesterday was our first "real week" at our new building. I got up early got all dressed up and did my hair all pretty. I was making GREAT time until I had to get the boys in the car, I lost about 10 minutes of my time. Then I head to work, well it would help if I go to the new building! Back out I go and get to the new building 15 minutes late, really I was on time when it was just me in the equation! I walk in and run into a boss who ask why am I dressed up I have work to do ... ugh! But then he ended with you look very nice today, I ran into my boss who said the same thing. Made me start to think I must have been a real slob for a very long time! I set out to finish up a few things in my office and then head home to change. Well as always the idea of my life it sounds good until you try to make it work. 4 hours later I've already made a run to Kinko's since our copy machine is down, ran back to the office to bind the calculations and added a few little things in here and there. I made it home and back to the office in record time, if I have to say so myself.

After some clean up and throwing away it's time to go back to the office and work on the pile growing on my desk. I give up around 5pm since I want to get the boys home and feed before we have a visitor. I asked the coordinator to come to the house tonight to have a talk and lay down the grown rules. We make it home and walk in to the yummy smells of pork roast, what did we ever do with out crock pots? Which reminds me I've been using the auto-timer that is for my Christmas tree, and now it's either no crock pot or a Christmas tree that doesn't come on at specific time each day ... hmmm guess I could always go buy another one!

Our coordinator arrived 10 minutes early, oh how I envy the childless carefree time is your own people! Enough time for me to clean up the dishes and bribe Cole with Ice Cream to stay in his room while we have "the talk". Over all it went OK, most of it was spent us talking and him staring forward and nodding every once in awhile. You get the occasional uh huh and yes, but most of it was what I get when I ask him a question. Not sure if it's being heard or I guess it's being heard but is it really penetrating? In a way it was nice since now he sees what I deal with every day. Rick at times was trying to make jokes but for the most part, when ever I had to leave the room to remind a certain person to behave, he made it known that I was the authority figure and he's gone a lot which means he has to respect me. I guess we'll see how it goes, I don't really have high hopes. Which he told him about the trust and how you have to earn it back along with respect! There was one thing that kind of scared me when he was asked if he told the kid he punched he was sorry and he said no and it was with a scary laugh. He said the other kid said sorry but he did not, which makes me still believe he doesn't think he did anything wrong. That worries me because if you don't feel like you did something wrong then how do you go by what is right and what is wrong?

Anyways today was a better day I came in the right clothes and almost everyone was ready to leave when it was time to get in the car. The day went pretty quickly and I only got snapped at 5 times which is not bad at all. I chalk that up to a good day!

On a positive and VERY exciting NOTE the results of my test came back and the tumor is benign!!! YEAH if I could get my feet up over my rear I would be doing cartwheels!


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