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Monday, January 12, 2009

Make Something Monday ...

Ok before I show you the most amazing thing I made, I have to share a funny! Ok well at least I find it funny. My amazing friend Chef E @ posted a cute tongue and check blog about Do you hear fast food bells?. It was about a couple that had their wedding at Taco Bell. For those who have been following me or personally know me, know I'm one of those people that try to find the humor and make everyone laugh. Well for the record this is what I said:
"I'm so glad someone else caught that it was in Normal. That's my dream come to America to get hitch at Taco Bell. Did they watch Demolition Man one to many times and think Taco Bell was fine dinning? Just as bad as the lady in the paper saying she likes the dollar store since she doesn't have to dress up like she does at Wal-Mart. Can anyone say class?"

Now I was "trying to be funny" make a joke and one of her readers took it to heart that I was bad mouthing love and the experience of Taco Bell and Class. Mind you the class comment really had nothing to do with the Wedding. Anywho my other friend Mistress (on a personal note, girlie I check out your site everyday. The silly word verify won't show up and keeps kicking me out. No more corner really I'm good ... LOL) came to my defense, which I totally appreciate. I know if Debra was on she would have also, so I want to send a heartfelt sorry to Chef E for causing some sort of war. Now this won't stop my funny comments, LOL but they want have the comebacks if people find me rude. I'm heard of people getting the hate comments and never have experienced one until now. Talk about getting my heart thumping ... LOL

Ok I'm stepping down and ready to show you my Make Something Monday. This is one of my favorite recipes, I actually make it a lot and I think the boys are sick of it. But hey that isn't stopping me.

Make Something Monday

This is a version of chicken enchilada's.
We start with the ingredients (forgot to put the cheese and Cream of Mushroom in the pic)
Cook the chicken in a can of beer. (I actually have to go to the store to buy 1 beer, not beer drinkers here)
Cover and let the chicken cook.
Little helper: In bowl up the sour cream
Add in a can of chillies (Make sure it's mild I didn't and this one was HOT)
Add one can of green enchilada sauce.
Mix and Add a can of cream of mushroom.
Add Cheese
Mix and let the goop sit
Take a tortilla add goop
Take the cooked chicken
Add the chicken to the goop
Roll them and put in a glass pan
Cover with the left over goop
Bake at 375 for 20 - 25 minutes and your ready!


  1. personally it was a bit moronic the way she went after you. My thing is if you have beef speak to the person personally. Its hard to see humor when you can't see a person's face....I have a bunch of white trash in my background so if anyone can take it personally it was me and I didn't lol! You are going to find all sort unfortunatly even buttholes hang out around really cool people. I respect that Gloria is ChefE's friend but I think it was quite clear that no on except Gloria took offense to either her post or your comment. Let it roll off your back honey!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog..I just missed your comments is all!

    Much Love,

    Christine aka Mistress of Cakes

  2. 'Add the chicken to the goop', I thought, lol, it said something else and had to double take :0)

    I am making this for my friends on Friday night, different from my blog on 'Enchiladas', but I like the beer aspect...your too funny...1 beer...I bet they are wondering about you at the counter *wink*

  3. Where to start? I guess the best place is with appologies for how long this comment/novel will be by the time I'm done.. yeah my entire family says I never shut up.. therefore I BLOG!

    First, I gained 5 pouds just looking at the pics here. Thanks SO much for that, maaaan I finding the pounds I lost. How the heck does that happen? The good thing here is that chicken is on the menu for Friday and NOW I know how I'm serving up the bird. Forget under glass, I'm drownding the thing in hooch!! So, keeping with the Mexican theme.. Mooch-ass-gar-sea-ass (I'll let ya know how it goes with the resident food critics I am bring up) :-)

    Second, Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the Woo Hoo box contest. I cracked up when your blog was nominated by annother reader. The title of your blog HAD to have been written by a MOM! If I had a buck for everytime one of my four oh-so-greatful offspring threatened to run away.. let's just say we wouldn't be taking the kids on vacation to my parents this year! ah visions of Palau sans kiddies, a girl can dream.

    Third, what the heck is wrong with people??!!! Nobody can take a freaking joke these days. I LOVE your humor you freakin cracked me up! And if one feels it's necessary to defend Walmart we need to be wary of that. I believe that Walmart has evil plans to take over the world one "falling price" at a time.. can you just see an army clad in Happy Face stickers? He HE HEEE (and to any overly, um...tight tailed shall we say?... people who think that I'm serious.. GET OVER IT and laugh really you need to).

  4. Wow! Was I asleep during all this drama? First of all, lets address class. You have A LOT of it! Others don't, 'nough said.

    Second, some folks just don't have a sense of humor and that is truely sad.

    Last and so not least.....OMG! I cannot wait to make these enchilada! You had me at the beer! This is on my menu for this week.

    You are a goddess!

  5. I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard! You crack me up! I can't wait to see how the chicken turns out, it seems to be one everyone in the house likes even our picky exchange student will have seconds. After reading some past post you'll totally understand why that is a HUGE challenge!

    Talking about gain I don't even want to go there ... LOL. This cooking dinner everything has been great for the budget and a killer for my shape (notice I don't say figure, it's moved from figure to now a shape ... not sure what shape has lumps and bumps but I will claim it ... LOL).

    As for the name of the blog it's a famous saying of my moms when I was a teenager ... LOL. Now I'm getting paid back with 2 over active boys and an exchange student giving me a run for my money. I keep telling the carma god, that come on I couldn't have been that bad ... plus there was only one of me, do I really deserve 3 folds? Then I think back and say ok, I guess I deserve it.

    I'm so happy to see others that get my sense of humor, that I wasn't trying to be on a high horse just add a laugh to someones day. Who knew I would cause a verbal war. I refrained from going to her blog and having words, well my husband told me if I did that my debit card would be cut up. So for the sake of spending I held back :).

    And you thought you wrote a long winded story, nope let me reply with my stories! ha-ha, I think we blog for the same reasons. Thanks so much for stopping over and commenting, you gave me the biggest smile and laugh! And yippee someone nominated me, see I saved that for the end not to seem greedy ... LOL. Yup I know it didn't work, but it was worth a try :).

    Hope to talk to you again soon, us talkers need to stay in touch you know via email because that keeps our fingers as busy as our mouths ... LOL

  6. Debra you crack me up, I can't wait to see pictures! Thanks girlie needed a smile :).

  7. I love it, adult communication...oh and Alexis where do you thing the groom will take her on their honeymoom? The dumps... I could go on with the jokes, and come on over to the 'Chocolate Lounge'...oh you are there now..

  8. What do you mean we can talk and have thoughts? LOL I love the puns, you crack me up. That's what I'm talking about laughter!

    Love the chocolate so needed some of that last night!

  9. Oh man I will have to make that. I am sure Travis will gobble it up.

    I don't understand why people can't take a joke. I probably would've said the same thing!
    I think we have the same sense of humor. :D A little sarcastic but never with the intention of hurting feelings. :D Say it with a smile is my motto.

    Anywho I was the one that nominated you for the Woo Hoo in a box giveaway :D

    Your a great bloggy friend!

  10. I just have to say this DiPaola character cracks me up! The bit about the Wal-Mart army made me laugh hard...Did you hear..Walmart is going to be more personalized and have smaller markets inside their stores with fresh meat and dishes..hmm...kind of sounds like a regular store doesn't know the stores that were made out of business by Walmart. Yeah, Wal-Mart saw Tesco getting popular (they are from Britain, a market style store) so they had to do it. I guess they weren't content with their billions and billions.

    I love adult convo it so much fun with out petty people...we have to create a tree house that only nice people can get into...I do love ChefE's idea of a chocolate lounge..heck I am in!

  11. This chicken dish looks yummy. And how fun that your son is helping out :)

  12. Ooo this looks good! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. I came back for another look...I am looking forward to making these Thursday and eating them Friday night!

  14. Mistress I love the adult convo too ... LOL I'm so joining the club house! Do you think we can exchange a pair of pants that fits us all? :) ha-ha.

    Now all I see is little marching nutcrackers were smiley face shirts!

    I'm so glad you all love the chicken dish, now to find another one that gets this must response. Yup the chances of that are very slim ... LOL

  15. i thought your comments were funny! heehee...i know i'd be thinking the exact same thing you said. :P
    the enchiladas look yummy! I am so gonna have to try that recipe. thanks for sharing and for coming by my blog!!!

  16. How many ounces was the enchilda sauce?

    And I so want to be part of the club house and the Chocolate Lounge! I promise I will be good!



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