Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can I crawl under a rock?


Sometimes I want to just crawl under a rock and say forget it.  I also have a habit of if I’m embarrassed I won’t go back to a place.  So I’m taking advice from my mom and putting on my big girl panties and dealing with it … UGH sometimes being an adult sucks … lol

So here is the backstory of why I wanted to hide under that rock!  Monday was a day off from Cole’s school the local Fair is going on they gave 0the kids tickets and the called it a fair day.  For us who work can’t just take off and run around all day at the fair which meant both boys in my house all day!  Since Caden’s little adventure the other day I told the boys they had to stay inside or in the back yard all day.  So to boil it down it was a day of fighting, screaming and maybe a few tears from mom loosing her mind!

Monday is ladies group at church I joined and it was my night to bring treats.  I ran around like a mad woman after work to get the dishes ready, boys were going crazy since they were inside all day.  We of course then late to the meeting.  I drop the kids off in the kid zone and this is where the nightmare starts.  The babysitter is use to one girl and here come my boys!  The girl is a nice teenager who … know this is ONLY my assumption … is use to this girl doing her homework and she has  a pretty peach job.  Now when you add in two boys who want to play and be loud you have a harder time.  I heard her tell the boys no a few times (rooms next to each other). 

My boys sadly saw that she wasn’t being forceful or going to play with them so they pulled the ok fine you don’t want to give us attention we’ll cause a ruckus and pull out all toys. 

Fast forward to the end of our meeting I walk in to find the babysitter sitting in the SAME spot and all the toys on the floor.  She then whinned to me they wouldn’t listen and did this.  I calmly said ok well we can pick up the toys that is not a problem.  Then she made a HUGE stink in front of the ladies so the head of the group then asked me to come outside and talk with her and the babysitter.  I felt like I was back in school and being called out in front of all my friends.  The leader then asked me what we can do to make the situation better and if their were any SPECIAL NEEDS for my kids?  I was a little offended at that they are boys they were locked in ONE room for 1 hr 45 min.  I said just put them in time out, the girl then stomped and told me she tried that but they didn’t listen.  I wanted to scream come on WHO is the person in charge, but I did kind of grumble under my breath well I don’t know then.

The group leader did say oh I remember when my boys were young I would cringe when I would see the Sunday School Teacher coming towards me.  I wanted to say then why are you making me feel like this and not maybe say something to the babysitter like they are kids.  But whatever I wanted to cry and run away and never go back to the Monday night group but I’m going to make myself go one more time and just hope it was the day and NOT the combination of my boys and a babysitter that really doesn’t want to do a job.  Ok I know I maybe sounded a little like a mother bear but I use to babysit all the time when I was young it is how I paid for my school clothes and first car.  If the kids were little poo’s I just dealt with I didn’t wait until the parents came home and laid it all out on them it was just part of the job.

UGH … I can do this (yup if I repeat it enough it may actually come true). 

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  1. yessss
    and don't let them make ya feel so bad.. sounds to me like that babysitter was used to one child anyhow...

  2. Boys, and young boys are very different than girls. VERY different.

  3. Sounds like she really didn't want to work.
    She wanted her job to be easy peasy.

    I'm sorry you went through this.
    Maybe it was the day.
    I'd give it one more chance.

  4. Ugh hang in there mama. I would also feel like some child if the group leader asked me how tomake this better whatever. I would have left. That babysitter sounds awful JMO!

  5. You have every right to be frustrated - it sounds like that wasn't the best choice of babysitter's - probably one you'd never use at your house!

  6. I am going to pray that next Monday all goes perfectly well.
    I am so sorry she called you out.

  7. OOOOO I have been there! in fact I was under that rock so much I furnished it and had my mail forwarded there!
    Prayers on the way for a better next time!
    Blessings, Joanne

  8. I understand what you going through, good thing you have blog to vent on some stuff, take it easy i know its easy said then done, but try to some meditation or sit quite for few min, if you get chance!

    Come Visit&StayFAB.

  9. She sounds like she didn't even try to be a babysitter. She was getting paid to do a job, so she should have done it! I would have been so frustrated too.


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