Thursday, September 15, 2011

Disappointment and a feeling of loss


Ok YES I know it is just a show but it was one I have actually really liked.  It started with a feeling of mom’s talking about kids, family and spouses.  I know it’s silly but I felt like they were my friends and that I was part of a mom group! First they kicked off Marissa Jaret Winokur which was ok because the show was just starting out trying to find where they fit in and her as a roaming reporter just didn’t fit in correctly.  Then you had these amazing 5 women that played well off each other and just fit right in.  Sara needed Leah to pull her out at times and you could feel the sister vibe that we know of with teasing but all love behind it.

Last week it came back on the air for it’s season 2, I noticed Leah Remini & Holly Robinson Peete were missing.  Ok I’m a little dense I guess because I thought oh it’s back to school maybe that means that they took time off to get the kids ready.  Then this week comes and they are still gone.  Having a DVR is what hurts me here I usually skip the credits etc and just go to the show, so I backed up and watched the credit’s to see they were no longer there Sad smileSo I then was on a mission to find out what happened.  Thank you Google you helped me find out what happened.  I went to Twitter @LeahRemini & @LeahReminiGuard Leah’s two accounts to see what was going on.  Sadly she was not asked to return and then Holly was not asked to return.  I was at a loss, now from what I’m reading it sounds like Julie Chen may have been behind the firing of these two favorite characters.

Now nothing against  Sheryl Underwood or Molly Shannon but they just don’t fit in the show has lost it’s pazaz that made it so special and want me to tune in everyday.  It has been removed from my DVR and I don’t miss it with the new format.

For any of you who would like to go into the fight to get them back or just to keep up to date check out the Twitter accounts above or these new FB sites:

So sadly I say Good-Bye to a fan favorite of mine and hope either CBS comes to their sense’s and bring our ladies back or they get their own show another another station who knows what they got would be Gold.  Just my humble opinion but it was something that moved me enough to write about!  So farwell to a show that was, I love you Sharon and I’m really sorry that I won’t be seeing you each day Sad smile.


  1. ahh..
    i am sorry, i know whatcha mean, especially when you love and get used to something a certain way.. maybe it'll work out in the end somehow.. maybe!

  2. I don't watch talks shows so I guess I don't get it but I am sorry you are disappointed.

  3. talk shows are pretty big over here dear, we have a few, excellent post xx

  4. I have never watched that show, wrong time of the day for me. I did read about the infighting among the ladies that let to the firing of those two you mentioned.

  5. I'm with you sista! They are CRAZY for letting Leah go!!! She was the reason that I would watch the show...she would crack me up! I will no longer watch . That is the biggest mistake that show every did. I feel the whole show will be cancelled because of it.
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. I totally agree...the show is nothing without them. The fact that they didn't even acknowledge they were gone. I will not be watching any longer!

  7. I don't watch any TV because I get so mad when they do this:(

  8. I have seen the show only a couple times, but those two were my favorites, too.

  9. Sorry about that. I remember reading about it in my TV Guide Magazine. I don't remember reading a reason. I don't normally watch but I did watch today because Rachel from Big Brother was on.

  10. I didn't get to see the show but I think Leah would have been my favorite. I'm surprised she wasn't asked back!

  11. I havent seen the show mostly because I find Julie Chen so boring on Big Brother, I didnt think I could take for another hour. But I would think Leah and Holly would be the more down to earth women there. lol.

  12. I agree with you 100%! I LOVED this show! Loved it! I loved the way the ladies played off each other, but Leah was my favorite. Now that she is gone, the show is just dull. I love Sharon, but she is not enough to hold my loyalty. I will not be watching the new season, and have removed myself from their FB fan page, as well as joining some of the facebook campaigns for to bring Leah back.


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