Thursday, September 29, 2011

You ever like you are Alice?


Well I guess it could be Alice falling down the rabbit hole but more like Alice the maid.  Must give props to my mom I always thought she was NUTS getting up at 5am to get the floors mopped & house cleaned before work. 

Now as I find myself getting up at the same time to get a load of laundry in, dish washer loaded, sweep the floors and get the door water & food.  I find myself wondering what happened here. Then I go to work (thankfully that is in my house so I can wear PJ’s), then clock out again find myself unloading the dishwasher, washer, preparing Cole’s lunch & boys breakfast.  Then back to work, then clock off again to pick up Cole.  Get dinner prepared and then off to whatever after school program we have that day.

Well my house WILL never be crystal clean like my moms (I was a pretty clean kid … NO really I sat in my room and read books until High School … that is when it got complicated … hehe).  So to the Mom’s before us I bow down give you the praise and think to myself once more how the heck did I get here?  This after I step on a few lego’s, pick up the umpteenith hot wheel car and oh yes whatever food that was snuck in during the night into the kids room. 

I think I will sit here in my PJ’s for the whole day .. well that is until I have to pick Cole up since I don’t want to be the next fashion victim on What Not to Wear!


  1. I feel ya mama! I do the same thing dishes at 6 am, cleaning up and it's blog work all day. We are busy women!

  2. Oh yes, I remember those days! They too will pass, eventually!

  3. There are days when I can't believe what these women wear in public on What Not To Wear and then I look down at my own clothes. Yes, I have Alice days!

  4. How funny. If only I were that disciplined to get up that early and actually DO something. :) If I get up that early, I am definitely NOT doing the dishes. YUCK. Makes me gag just thinking about it! :)

  5. Reminds me of when I was a kid and would go down for a nap and wake up to the house magically clean...I never realized my mom was doing it until much later in life.

  6. i know right..
    i used to think my mom was OCD about cleaning..
    but now, if i don't clean- i get kinda crazy.... lol

  7. I remember the days of only having some housework to do and maybe a soap opera to watch. With all the new stuff, like blogging I don't know how anyone gets things done these days expecially with young children! You go girl....


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