Friday, September 23, 2011

We’re Hitting the Fair tonight


We have a county fair here that we do each year.  I remember being young and going several times.  Parents would drop us off and my hard earned babysitting money would buy rides, foods and my friends entrance also.  I remember every school year I would get a new pair of WHITE Keds and I would always wear them there, let’s just say the dirt and white would leave my shoes needing to be bleached each time.  Yeah no clue where I thought it was ok to wear them each time.  I use to love going and riding the rides.  I had a cute boy my senior year operating the tornado.  I rode that ride so many times, and guess what one time I heard a noise above when we were stopped.  Let’s just say the guy above me had so much to drink that it came down and thankfully I was skinner then and crunched into my friend most landed on my seat but some on my shirt.  Cute guy let me wear his shirt while I walked around in heaven Smile.

When I was older I remember one time getting El Nino and being so embarrassed since this was pre weight loss and the overhead seatbelt not wanting to close thank god it did.  But needless to say this mommy body that is no longer in shape will be getting on rides.  We’re going with my parents so it will be time in the kiddy zone and let them run.  We’ll pay $15 for parking $10 to get in and who the heck knows how much more I will spend.  Not really for me but for the boys, so here we go.

We’ll go visit our animal friends:


Cole will do some Mutton Buston (Riding a Sheep)


We’ll watch the amazing pumpkin carver.


And we’ll watch the crazy long line for the Roller Coaster.

Wild Cat

We will hit the kids area SillyVille


We will of course have fair food


Which always will include a Krusty Pup


And you MUST have a Fair Scone

(or take a Dozen home .. that won’t make it home)


And you must end your night with a swing to see the colors and lights!

Puyallup Fair Groupon

So there you have it fun times coming to me tonight … hehe promise no white keds this time.  So any of you do the fair by you?


  1. oh i LOVE fairs!
    hope you guys have loads of fun!!!!

  2. I have never been to a real country fair. I hope you have lots of fun!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. We did the Puyallup fair a couple years ago to take Hannah to see the Doodle Bops. The fair was WAY better than the show. Have fun! :)

  4. That looks like fun! I hope you take pics of Cole riding a sheep, I'd love to see that (although I KNOW you will)! And that pumpkin carver guy... He looks amazing (I mean, his talent looks amazing... lol). =)
    Have fun and dont make yourself sick on those scones!
    Hugs mama!

  5. That looks like fun. The pumpkin carver is so cool!

  6. Wow that all looks like great fun, expensive but what fun memories are made of :)

  7. that looks awsome dear and so much fun, thanks for letting us see how the fair went xx

  8. Ohhhhhhh I miss going to the Puyallup Fair! I was telling Princess Nagger all about it - she wants to go. I can't wait to move back so she can experience all my childhood (and young adult) fun in the Seattle area! :)


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