Thursday, November 17, 2011


A few weeks back I went to my friends church and the pastor was talking about Gratitude.  It really got me thinking about how we thank people.  He made a great point about how we don’t always thank the people that help us.  It could be your husband that is doing something we already just expect them to do so why say thank you.  Like picking up the kids are fixing something around the house.  That one really made me go hmmm … YUP.

Also thanking people like the helpers at Sunday School, I watched the week after he talked about this how the parents rush in and grab there kids and never say thank you.  Now I know it’s not because they aren’t grateful it’s just in people in a rush.

He also commented how we probably couldn’t remember the 5 sermon titles but we could list the 5 people that have helped us the most.

I thought this was a perfect timing with Thanksgiving coming for us to think and maybe make an extra effort to thank those around us.

I’m trying:

Thanking Rick for doing things around the house (even though my brain keeps telling me I need help he should).  Hey I never said I was perfect I’m working on it Smile.

Thanking the Sunday School helpers because I know I could NEVER take care of a room full of kids with out loosing my mind. So yes many thanks to them and if they are huggers that too!

Thanking those people in my life that are blessings.  The ones I can call when I’m having a day like no tomorrow.  When I think the world is crashing down I can call them in tears and know that even if I haven’t spoken to them in months they will be there.  The friends that know your family is crazy and till love ya!

Thank you to my bloggy friends too, you have put up with me being MIA with this stupid cold (which YES I still have) which is giving me blah zah to writing blogs Sad smile.

i love my life

What are you grateful for?  Who are those people who you call your blessings?


  1. I am grateful for my family and friends and for the God that stands beside me and helps me to be strong,

    I hope you feel better really soon!

  2. I am grateful I have heat, and hot water today. :)

  3. Maybe you need to go to the doctor? Having a cold this long is not good

  4. I am thankful for you and the sweet things you have done to make my life happy.

  5. What a wonderful, wonderful message you're sharing here, and so perfectly timed when people are most receptive to hearing it.


  6. My Kids, My Husband and his family I love them all! What a thoughtful post. I think sometimes we take the people closest to us for granted. I think I'll go and hug the hubster now!
    Blessings, Joanne

  7. I'm grateful for God's blessings. I try to make it a point to thank people for the things they do. Hope you get over the cold soon.


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