Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sick Guilt

Do any of you get the Sick Guilt?  I do I hate being Sick, I feel like I’m letting people down.  I feel like I’m not pulling my weight and then worse when someone has to step in and pick up your slack.  It’s horrible when you feel like you can do what you need and then to have to rely on someone else makes me feel even more guilty.  Then the list of things to do piles up!

The Laundry is piled up!


Dinner is called out for (so not healthy):


House is a mess:


And the part that upsets me the most is missing work.  As many of you know I work 6 days a week and have for about 5 years now.  I don’t mind Saturdays are easy it’s just 3 hours and it’s before the kids get up so It’s not big deal.  I hate letting people down so I don’t take that day off for much, it takes a lot for me to take a day off.  It’s also because I’m a nut and have a fear of someone else doing my job.  I use to work for a plastic surgeon who let you all know EVERYONE can be replaced which means not be too safe with your job.  NOW I have an amazing set of bosses and know they take amazing care of me but of course the little voice in my head (plus the big one called my husband) say don’t get too comfy you work virtual they don’t see your sick or need time off and you can be replaced. 


Fast forward to this week, week 2 of this cold … and NO VOICE!  Which can make for some problems when my job is calling people, making 60 to 70 calls a day you kind of need your voice.  And we had a huge event this weekend that needed confirmation calls done for.  No voice means Alexis is benched from the calls we had to call in the replacement.  So I had to take care of myself and rest for a WHOLE DAY.


Lot’s of Rest and Tea:


What happens when you take time off work?  I of course get freaked about what if the other person does better then me?  What if they like this person better then me and replace me?  I know it’s crazy to think like that but something in my brain always does it to me. 

Am I the only crazy one?  Or do you feel the same way when you call in sick?  Do you think of money lost?  I’m a contractor so I don’t have sick leave so my mind always goes to that.

Then because it’s my life, when the going gets tough you have to have a few rocks throw at you … insert drum roll please!  Some joint & belt goes out on Rick’s car on Monday.  Oh yes the quotes are coming in around $650.  OH yes when it rains it pours here.

broken down car

So there you have my week … hehe.  So how do you handle being sick?

thank you Google Images for the pictures above. alp


  1. Awww sweetie you are also suffering from the "Mom has to do it all" syndrome. It is in the handbook under....~~~and another job you'll have to do is...

    You need to give your worries a rest too! I know its hard. it seems others don't realize how much we carry around until we cant do it anymore and things fall apart all around us. I hope you feel better soon!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Sounds like a timing belt! I am so sorry you have been so ill. I know how you feel but I doubt anyone could be better at your job. I know how hard you work to impress people. You the employee that bosses like. I use to worry just like that. I think that Rick needs to be thankful that your only down for a few weeks. He needs to appreicate what he has in you.

  3. When I used to work outside my house I was a teacher, so we had leave built up. Now when I am sick I turn on the TV for Marlee, or I call Grandma to come get her-that's when I am really bad-like can't stay out of the bathroom for more than 5 minutes at a time (which thankfully has only been one time), otherwise I just let her watch shows, and eat lot's of junk. LOL

  4. Oh yuck honey, still feeling yucky. I'm with you feel so guilty when I'm sick, and I hate letting my family down. But the only way to get better is rest rest and more rest. Hugs mama.

  5. Your bosses know your value. Just rest and get better

  6. well when I am sick it stinks... I still have to keep going like I know you do. Glad you got time to rest.. Hugs to you..

  7. NO way do I ever get "sick guilt". If I'm sick (which I am often because I have an illness that flares up from time to time) I just chalk it up as being a sign that I need to slow down & take care of me. No biggie!

    We have sick days for a reason. Employers know who takes advantage & who doesn't.

    Cut yourself some slack & feel better!

  8. I handle being sick the same way you do.

    Of course now that I am older and my kids are all gone and I don't work. It is much easier.

    I should say I used to handle it the same way you are. LOL
    Hang in there!

  9. I am sorry you have been so unwell and hope you are on the mend. I have recently been unable to go to work due to a bad back, that followed a week off with the flu! I felt very guilty and anxious. I tried to go in with the bad back but it was too painful...sometimes it just can't be helped and we have to cut ourselves some slack otherwise all the anxiety and worry is counter productive...I think many of us in the 'sisterhood' feel the same way though. (((Hugs)))

  10. I hate being sick.. I havent been sick in two years now and I am hoping not to get that sick again.. I hate knowing everyone around me has to help me pick up the slack.. Esp my hubby who works 60 hours a week.. I dont handle being sick very well and esp wanting to be snuggled.

  11. oh no you still feeling yucky? hugs...


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