Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top 5 of 2009

My amazing friend Debby at JUST BREATHE and amazing blog that helps woman that lost children FOR YOUR TEARS, please go over and tell her hi she's great and believe me she'll stop by and say hi back! She tagged me for this amazing meme my top 5 of 2009. Well crap I have to pick 5 ... could it be the exchange student going home (if you're new those are some duzy of post) ... would it be putting the skinny clothes in bins even higher that I won't see in the near future (yup that would be a negative ghost rider)... so not the electrical fire from Cole peeing on the wall (another great post). So here it is my TOP 5

1. A big one I think my family would agree on is the progression of my cooking! Yup I started out as the box lady as in Hamburger Helper, then I became the bisquick queen (many of you witnessed this) and now I pride myself on being able to whip up a pretty good meal ;).

Here is my past and present :)
2. The few times I get to go out and have a little me time. I'm trying to make this a higher priority in my life. If we don't take care of us then what happens when need a little help. Ladies we need to take time for us! This is a hard lesson I'm learning!
3. Time with my family and Friends. This year thanks to blogging we had the chance to not go on one but two vacations! This was the first vacation we ever took! Two times to Great Wolfe was more than I could have ever asked for. Plus Rick and I had our first date night in over 2 years, no kids just silence! Blogging also Lead me to meet some amazing new friends!

4. Finding a church that was right for me. For sometime I was missing something I just didn't feel complete and was needing some uplifting. One Sunday I got up got the boys dressed and took a chance on going by myself to a church down the street. Cole goes to school there during the week but I never went to the church before. I have been truly blessed and have enjoyed getting to know new people and restore my faith. Even the volunteering :).

The cookies they dropped off after my first visit.
The volunteering work
5. I think the best part of 2009 happened with our jobs! Rick's place of business after 105 years liquidated and closed their doors. Before they were closed Rick was able to find a new job out of 600 people, Rick and another guy got the opening.

Mine would come with a huge scare of my hours being cut at my job, by Gods hand I was introduced from a friend a great company that had some data entry for me to do on Mondays. When Times got even tighter at work and I was laid off my one day a week job turned into a full time position. I couldn't believe how blessed I was! I got the chance to work from home and do a job that I love getting up each morning for. That is what I call blessings giveth forth!
So there it is lol I know it's not quick and short, I just can't do that! So we had a few tears, some hair pulling and just a little bit of wine (yes those would all be on my part). It was a fun 2009 and I know 2010 will lead to many more blessings and things that will keep me on my toes!

I would love to see you five of 2009, let me know you posted and I'll stop by :). Much love and thank you to each one of you for following and reading my mad post and ramblings. It's a joy to be part of your day and I hope I make you laugh!


  1. Okay... we could totally be sisters!! I have not yet mastered the are of gourmet, but my family doesn't starve!! :o)

    Many blessings for 2010!!

  2. What a great 2009 you had. I did this also. I loved how you changed so much in a year. Amazing. Loved all of the pictures of you. Have a great day.. My Poser Friend..

  3. wonderful list my dear! and i loved all the pics too!

  4. I just love Debbie too and try to visit her blog often. I have become a regular here too. I just love your post and I too ..... not a gourmet but no my kiddos son't starve.

  5. What a great year!

    We're in search of the right church for us right now. We moved a few months ago and are still looking. We tend to not go if we are going just to say we went, rather than actually feeling some sort of connection.

  6. I stumbled on to your blog and love it!! The pictures are darling. Good luck with all that you do!!

  7. Great list :) I wish 2010 will be even better for you :)

  8. Oh my gosh, now I want to go get a pedicure!

    That is so cool that your husband got the opening out of 600 people! He rocks!

    And your cooking rocks, I need to follow your example.

  9. I love your 2009!!!! I love you actually!

  10. What a fun year you had! Lots of changes :) I look forward to reading this year step by step :)

  11. Your five are filled with blessing from God. You made me tear up. Thank you for sharing your five and for the very kind words about me. Have a perfect weekend.

  12. My dear friend,
    I love all five of your 2009 and have enjoyed going with you along the way. While you were going through all of this, you never failed to be a wonderful friend and take the time to help others and encourage me along with others and do so much for those around you. That is why I KNOW you were blessed by God. You deserve all the wonderful things that have happened to you.
    May 2010 continue to bring fabulous things to your family. :-)

  13. What a great top 5! You're doing awesome with your cooking! I'm still at the bisquick level, but I'm kinda liking it here! LOL!


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