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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WWW ~ Gorilla Warfare AKA McDonalds Playland

This weekend was kind of a lazy one I know shut your mouths! Saturday I worked the morning and then spent sometime trying to catch up on blogs. I'm so sorry I haven't been around much after work like usual. It's been very busy it should be getting into a better routine soon so I'll have better time management for after work stuff :). So Saturday was Laundry and a little cleaning and just hanging out!

Well you know what hanging out can do to kids, yup bounce off the wall. So what do you do on a rainy day with not a lot of money! You go to McDonalds Playland or as I like to call it Gorilla Warfare for kids.

Things to pack
Hand Sanitizer (you may need to drink it at the end of the night)
Wipes because everywhere you sit and touch is a sticky goo ... don't even ask!
A good book (so you can look over to give dirty looks to the kids and the couple in the corner)
A few dollars (the dollar menu rocks)
And full body arm to protect your kid and maybe yourself!

So what you find at Gorilla Warfare McDonalds Playland
  • A great culture diverse population, sadly no one that spoke English to talk with (mommy needs some adult time!
  • 2 Rough and Tuff boys that were knocking down everyone. (watch out boys or this mom just might closeline you back!)
  • 13 year olds that maybe a little to old to be running around in there but at least were nice.
  • Buttcracks poor kids it sucks being chubby and your pants don't fit on your belly (from a mom that once was that little girl)
  • A 6 year old that skirt was so short that let's just say Brittany Spears skirt was more modest in her getting out of the car moment!
  • Same 6 year old skirt that had so many rhinestones and bling on it Elizabeth Taylor would have been jealous!
  • My 2 year old still scared and won't be beyond the first step into the plastic germ contraption!
  • My 5 year old will call everyone buddy or friend!
  • My 5 year old will be such a boy and of course go for said bling butt aka Brittany wantabe! (oh crap the years to come ... no son NOT that one)
  • Same 5 year old will be chased by bling butt and she'll even play hit with her purse .. hey wait you're too young to be flirting like that. (Save that for your drunkin teen years please)
  • My 2 year old will go for the said 13 year old and will have a mental break down when she leaves for the bathroom and will instantly stop crying when she returns. Oh great now I have to worry about Cougars with my youngest!
  • Can this get any worse oh yes it can! You look in the corner to see bling butts parents MAKING OUT!!! Not only making out but his HAND is up her skirt!!! REALLY people we're in a kids zone. You see me yes I will keep giving you my hairy eyeball until you stop!!! Well that explains the 5 kids and why bling butts skirt is so short and she's clinging to my child. No we are not your way out ... Run Cole run fast little man ... LOL :)
  • Oh don't be sad boys I promise there are better ones out there and we'll find them (oh wait I'll find them for you!!!)
Sunday was church were a great college student evangelist came in. They were so powerful they do street dramas. I never heard such a thing. They go out almost every week and do dramas showing how things take us away from God and tempt us. I tried to youtube it but no luck. I did find other groups but not these college students. They stuck with lust, vanity, drugs/alcohol and greed since those are the easiest to act out. Youtube and you can see some dramas that are cool to check out!

The boys headed up to my parents house for fun time! Then we took them to a local nursery that was all decorated for Christmas to take pictures of the boys infront of the trees for our Christmas Card! It's such a great idea (THANKS Mom) and FREE my favorite word! I'll post the pictures later. They are so cute this years cards are going to rock!!!


  1. LOL!! Oh my word! You got me laughing out loud with bling butt!

  2. I'm glad you finally had a relaxing weekend! I can't believe your McDonalds Playland though! Either I don't get out enough or we just don't see that kind of stuff around here, but holy cow-especially those parents! Rich has a hard time holding hands in public, so I SO cannot imagine that! LOL!

  3. Sounds like a fun time in spite of cheesy parents and their neglected children.

  4. I'm glad that McDonald's was pretty home town when my kids were growing up. OMG what a day you had there. Doesn't it just suck to think that you couldn't talk with anyone!!! We are being replaced and I don't like it.

    Looking forward to the pictures.
    That was a good idea.

  5. You are way too funny. You are just like me I would have had a same list of things too. I hope you are having a great week poser..

  6. I think you are in for some trouble with those boys!

  7. Was that McDonald's playground part of a nightclub or something? Dang!!!

  8. Making out in the McDonald's playland is Klassy.

  9. Oh my gosh, funny you say you may need to drink the sanitizer by the end of the day because there was a news special on that! They said some teens have been getting drunk off hand sanitizer!


  10. Oh noooooo, you crack me up! I have to go look up the drinking hand sanitizer thing...what in the world are our youth thinking today???

  11. Oh noooooo, you crack me up! I have to go look up the drinking hand sanitizer thing...what in the world are our youth thinking today???

  12. TigerBoy hasn't been introduced to those Gorilla play areas....and hmmmm....I'm thinking I might wait!

    My new trick is to take TigerBoy outside and have him run back and forth in the driveway......he loved in and he crashed an hour early that night~!

  13. Note to self: Remember to pee before reading Alexis' blog! How sad that I can say the same of at least two or three of those EVERY TIME I go!!!! I bet the "parents" of bling butt weren't even the same parents of all five.

    So buddy Alexis.....if you feel like getting more crap that you don't need in your in box, you can always subscribe to my before reading is TOTALLY optional ;)

  14. Oh my!!! What is the matter with parents??!! And how sad about the 6 year old... I can see a horrible future for her. Poor thing...


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