Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake ... Fondant Graduation Cap Cupcakes

Yesterday I showed you the graduation cap cakes I made, today I wanted to show the cupcakes I made.  I wanted to make the cupcakes have the same theme as the cakes.  I was so excited when I came across Glorious Treats and a tutorial on how to make fondant graduation caps.  Here step by step photos are excellent and I must say the cupcakes came out amazing, the looked like a million bucks if I must say so myself!!

I also made a few with the year on them.

What you need:
Fondant (I used my Rolled Buttercream Fondant)
Ruler or Cutter
Wilton Color Icing (if you need to color fondant)
Fondant Cut & Roll Mat
Wilton Letter / Numbers (if you want to add)
Baked Cupcakes
Frosting (I used my Sturdy Buttercream frosting)

Here are the wonderful steps that Glorious Treats did up:
1.  Color your fondant as desired
2.  Roll out the color of fondant you plan to use for the hat.
3. Cut fondant into strips about 3/4 inches wide and 3 3/4 inches long.
4.  Roll up a strip of fondant to create a ring (overlapping slightly).  Use a teeny, tiny bit of water or corn syrup to help the ends stay together.  Set aside to dry.
6.  Cut a square (for the top of the hat) about 1 3/4 inches x 1 3/4 inches.
7.  Allow hat bases (the rings) and tops (squares) to dry for several hours or overnight.  They should be totally firm before moving to the next step.
8.  When the pieces have dried, use a tiny bit of “edible glue”- made with a few tablespoons of powdered sugar and a tiny bit of water (it should be the thickness of toothpaste) and apply with a (clean) paintbrush along the top edge of one ring.  Set the top of the hat (a fondant square) on top, and set aside to dry.
9.  Once the top of the hat has been secured to the base of the hat, make a tassel.  For the tassels, simply roll a tiny piece of fondant into a little “snake”.  I used my finger to press down one end just a bit, then used a knife to create just a bit of texture to represent the individual strings at the end of a tassel.
10.  Add just a drop of your ”edible glue” to the center of the hat, and attach the tassel.  Bend tassel over the side of the cap just a bit.  Set aside to dry (at least 1 hour).  Add toppers to cupcakes right before serving (up to a few hours before).   Fondant decorations added more than a few hours before serving will begin to get soft and lose their shape.
ALEXIS NOTES:  I used water as my glue. I also used my wilton roll and cut mat to make the lines even and my squares (I would suggest getting one).  I added them to the cupcakes right before I left for delivery so they would hold up.  I also found mine must have been on the thick side so they took a little longer to dry.   I made the fondant a few days early and kept in a air tight container in the fridge.  I did not make enough of the white so I had to make a few of them the night before and they didn't have enough time to harden up and were a little on the soft side, so I say you MUST let them sit for a day before assembling.

For those like me that need step by step:

What you need:

My Helper had to have his picture taken too!

These were a little bit of time to make but if you do it in stages it will help it go faster.  I made two version's for each girl who graduated college.  I made the little caps look exactly like the big caps.

Hope you give these a try they would be perfect to make for a classroom or a graduation party.  I had full intention of making a batch for Cole's class but just ran out of time last week.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Don't forget to see the parties I link up to HERE.


  1. They are really fantastic. I'm sure they were the stars of the parties - after the graduates of course!

  2. You put so much work into these that I wouldn't want to eat them. I would just want to look at them.

  3. I can't believe how busy you have been. They came out perfect!

  4. I gotta agree with you, they turned out awesome.
    By the way, I mentioned your blog in a post I just did. You inspired me to create a craft project similar to one you did not too long ago. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas.

  5. Those toppers came out amazing. Our four children are 2.5 years old(so, a long way from graduation) but, I could not resist reading this entire post and hoping I remember to find it again years from now!

  6. Those are awesome!! LOVE them! :-)

  7. O...M...G! Those are absolutely perfect! Thank you SO much for sharing. :) My little guy starts kindergarten this year, and I'd love to celebrate him going into grade one next year. Fantastic idea!

    I found your blog from "The Home Girl" You have an awesome page.

    You've made a new follower. I look forward to reading more posts. :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog and follow back. I always love making more blogger buddies. *hugs*

  8. Wanted to let you know that this post has been featured this week on CUPCAKES ON PARADE! It's live now!
    Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row


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