Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gorilla Warfare School Parking Lot Addition

It never cease to amaze the things people will do especially with kids in tow! Ok you all know I'm far from a saint Most days I'm just lucky I make it threw with out terribly hurting myself or someone else. But really people let's talk about the school parking lot! A while back I did a fun post on the different type of school moms. Todays additions are on the school parking lot. Mind you Cole goes to a super small Christian School right down the street. Believe me the people that work there are a God Sent because Cole is one hyper boy and needs some help he can get. But that is another story, this is about picking up!

When walking and talking to your mom friend, you know those small little things running around you? Yup they are your kids and HELLO it's a parking lot you may want them. Now I know mom talk time is hard to come by, but really I don't want to smooch a kid that runs in-front of my car.

I love my cell phone too, but really I don't need to hear your whole conversation while waiting for them to open the kids door. Really I don't know how Tonya is and I really don't care about her being pregnant and what a bad decision it was!

Now I'm a lazy mom too but every once in a while you must get out of the car to get the kids, gesturing and yelling threw your window may not be your best idea!

Now don't get me wrong I'm usually running late to, I try to finish up with work at 3pm to be there by 3:15pm but hey most days I'm clocking out @ 3:10pm and throwing Caden over my shoulder (yes sometimes in his PJ's I can be ghetto like that, what at least I'm dressed) but going full throttle in the parking lot trying to miss the little speedbumps (AKA kids of the mommy talk lady) not in your best interest!

Hey lady that was gesturing to her kids, your kids just jumped out from 2 parked vans and I had to slam on my brakes forcing the Mario Andretti behind me to almost touch my bumper. GET out of your car!!

Hey lady walking your 4 kids and looking at the pavement when I smile and wave you across it only polite to LOOK up and wave back, heck I would be happy with a smile. Really it takes less muscles to do a smile then a frown ... trust me I wouldn't lie!

Hey darling when I'm backing up walking behind my car is A) not very smart and B) stopping to answer your freaking blackberry and then continuing to talk while standing by hind my car not a good option. Really that revving of my engine is not me trying to make beautiful music with my horn honking it means MOVE!

Hey dear taking up 2 to 3 parking spots because you don't want your precious car dinged or your rims to be hurt not very Christian of you and either is my bad thoughts of keying your car. I'm dealing with my thoughts.

Yes I know my child is jumping up and down screaming, do you really need to give me that look. Don't make me bust out what your child did last week. Oh man I think I'm being sent back to my own Kindergarten ways!

Why can't we all just get along? We're all sharing this parking lot, be nice to me I'm the one that bakes the goodies for the events! Yeah so take that! (yes reverted back again)


  1. I can't stand when people park like jerks! So unfair & so frustrating.

  2. I knew you would work the sweets into that somehow!!!!

    Your assessment of the parking lot is so right on! At least you can sit back and laugh at it...that's a good thing (you are laughing right? I mean, AFTER you ran over those people behind you....)

  3. I so do not look forward to this!

    I'll just end up making my kids ride the bus so I can avoid it.

  4. I've witnessed some preschool parking lot chaos at my niece's preschool. Makes me happy that my kids will either be going in our little town or I'll be homeschooling...most likely homeschooling (just preschool though!) :-)

  5. this is just so funny.. I use to have to deal with this when I did pick up for the day care I use to work for. It was always a mess.

  6. Funny photo with the post, where the heck do you find them?

    Also I was sitting in the market parking lot, yes, I was eating a sandwich so I would not go in hungry and buy the whole damn store! I love to people watch, but especially parking lot people, they are more see all the people stop and answer there phone just when someone is backing up, and they are just standing there!

    Also the basket problem- oh yes, to see people just leave those baskets right next to someones car, and I am sitting right there!

    Okay this went way off topic...parking lot mania, a new title to one of my poems...

    Or a country song...

  7. You need a goat. A goat with horns.
    I have just the Abby for the job.

  8. you preach it sistah!!!!

    have a wonderful wkend my dear!!

  9. Thank goodness my kids ride the bus. I have serious road rage and would be a little more than tempted to accidentally hit one of the talking mommy' know just to make sure that the next time she pays attention to her kids!

  10. And I thought this only happens the parking lots at my school. How about when one mom stops to talk to another in the middle of the road and you can't get around her. Arrrgggghhhhhh!!

  11. Whew, I bet you feel better now. The only thing missing from what I see at my school was the lady who comes to get her kid when she is still dressed in her PJs. Yes, she gets out of her car. Come on, this is not something I need to see.

  12. Parking lots seem to be made for people who feel entitled and want to drive me nuts!

  13. I didn't have to much of that when my kids were growing up. I can't believe that they don't watch their kids. And God knows the trouble you would be in if something happened. Once when it was raining we went to pick up our daughter at HS. We were in line and some kid on his bike fell into the trunk of our car & scratched it. My husband got out of the car and yelled at the kid and got his name and phone number. Can you believe that the parents wanted to sue us, like we hit his kid. Nothing ever happened but #$%&#@*!

  14. Pick up least favorite time of day!

  15. Lex! Hello! Finally I made it back to your beautiful blog. :)
    And for real, why can't we call just get along?!? Are you sure you weren't driving around *my* old school parking lot? lol. Oh, and those multi-space-taker-uppers? Yeah if there's enough room for car by them, even barely, I totally park there if I need a spot. They can just deal. it's their fault for being an arrogant idiot, not mine!

  16. I thought this was all ahead..until I saw a women drive through my son's parking lot at about 40 mph. Another parent. Very wise. Don't worry about the toddlers walking through with their families..we will all dart out of the way.

  17. And that's why my kids ride the bus. Plus I'm lazy.

  18. And that's why my kids ride the bus. Plus I'm lazy.

  19. And that's why my kids ride the bus. Plus I'm lazy.

  20. Oh we live near a school and things I see really are not cool!

  21. Have I told you that every time read your blog name I chuckle. It takes me back to when I threatened to run away and my mom said something similar. It totally deflated my exit.


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