Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake .... Kit Kat Cake with a Polka Dot Inside

We end this week of cakes with a cake I made for a friend of mine a few weeks back.  I've been seeing the Kit Kat Cake everywhere on Pinterest and thought what fun it would be to do.  Then I saw a cake with polka dots and I thought that would be a fun surprise when you cut into it!

First I started with and idea I saw on Snowy Bliss for a Polka Dot Cake.  She did one that was Halloween themed.  I wanted to do something fun I thought I'd do a pink and a black but my pink turned out red and hey it was still really cool!  Next on my list was the Kit Kat Cake, I found tons of them but not a bunch with great step by step.  I found a great blog with step by step and great pictures to follow along with on Recipe Girl.

For the Cake I made my now famous (in my own mind) Homemade Yellow Cake Mix.  I doubled the recipe so I could make the cake balls for the polka dots.  I took 1/4 of the mix and dyed it black with Black Wilton Icing color.  I then took another 1/4 of the mix and dyed it what I thought would be pink but turned red (Rose Wilton Icing Color).   I made the cake balls first using my cake ball pan, let them cool and then added to my yellow cake mix and baked again.

Cake Part - What you Need:
Baked Cake Balls
Homemade Yellow Cake Mix (or whatever you like)

Cut a few to half of the cake balls in half and leave the others whole.  Pour a small amount of batter into the bottom of a greased and floured pan.  Then push some of the half sized cake balls flat side down into the batter.  Add a little batter to a halved cake pop, onto the flat side, and then stick it to the side of the pan.  Continue this step until you have halved cake pops around the side of the pan.  Add more batter into pan.  Place a bunch of full sized cake balls into the batter.  Top off with more batter.  Bake the cakes, mine took a bit longer then normal (I added about 10 minutes longer). Cut off any extra poofy cake from the top to level it.  Stack the 2 cakes with frosting in the middle.  

(Not all my cake pops came out pretty, so mine wasn't as packed as her's but I think it turned out pretty)

Kit Kat Part - What you Need:
Three 4.5 oz Giant Kit Kat Bars (You'll need 36 Kit Kat sticks total)
12.6 oz M&M's (if you want to top with that I didn't)
Wilton Melts (I made Chocolate hearts to go on top)
Silicone Mold (if you want instead of M&M's)
Baked Cake

Frost the cakes (adding frosting to the middle and frosting then the 2 tiers). Stick Kit Kat's to the sides of the cake, leaving a very small space in between each Kit Kat (1/4-inch). Wrap a bow around the cake, securing the Kit Kat's. Fill the top of the cake with M&M's (I skipped this part and made chocolate hearts). 
If you refrigerate the cake for a couple of hours or so, it will be much easier to cut and serve. Of course, you'll need to remove the bow just before serving.
Alexis Note:  I must admit I got in a rush and didn't do each individual kit kat and space but I think it still turned out great.
I took some red Wilton Melts and put in a silicone heart mold, I then placed those on top to pretty it up.  

Here is my friend with her cake!
I put it in a bag and a ribbon to dress it up.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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  1. Cute cake. It would be super if you added it to the mega cake collection over at Carole's chatter. Cheers

  2. What a very nice thing you did for your friend!

  3. I made a Kit Kat cake for my middle child's birthday this year and it was a huge hit! Not to mention it was delicious...I love Kit Kats. The dots are so cute! I may do that next year!

  4. That cake is so cute. I bet it looked really pretty when it was cut into! You just so sweet.

  5. that is the perfect cake for your friend.... and I see she isn't letting go of it.

  6. That cake is so neat! I bet it was delicious too :-)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this at Crafty Thursday Obsessions! Your cake looks delicious that we are going to be featuring it this week :) Hope you stop by again!!!


  8. What a great surprise to have the polka dots in the cake! My kids would love that!! ;)

  9. Featuring you on my blog! Thank you for sharing! Can't wait to try this! technique! YUMMY!

  10. I just spotted your awesome cake being featured at the Summer Bucket List Link party at The Foley Fam!! CONGRATS!! ;) I can totally understand why this was Kristine's favorite! :D


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