Thursday, June 13, 2013

Celebrating My 37th Birthday ... This Sunday will finally be the day I get to go off diet and eat (well not crazy off but something special)

Every few years my birthday lands on Father's Day and this in my year to share.  I guess I can lol just playing the older I get doesn't really matter.  I am really excited I have been so good on this diet for 10 months or so I haven't cheated (well once in February I had a sugar cookie when I was at a plateau and a friend suggested eating something to jumpstart my system.  Besides that I have stuck to it and as you can see have been doing pretty darn good!  I'm down 104.8lbs and 9lbs for my goal weight (well the one that I first set I may go an extra 10 after that but that is another thing).

With Sunday being Father's day the restaurants are going to be crazy.  I've been dying to try Cheesecake Factory since my friend Debby at Just Breath told me about a low carb cheesecake they have.  I've resisted but I made a promise to myself that on my birthday I would have cheesecake!  And a low carb version at least doesn't make me feel too guilty.  We do have to go early since Rick's work schedule changed, so maybe I'll do their breakfast with cheesecake ... LOL. I've been promising myself cheesecake for over a year now so I don't care what time of day it is I'm having it!

PLUS my women's group ladies are going to take me out to dinner on Saturday night!  I'm so excited to go out!

On my list to try:

Thai Lettuce Wraps (minus the sauces)

If I have to have breakfast I'll do the Steak & Eggs (minus potatoes)

And for desert - Low Carb Cheesecake (mine will be minus fruit)

And for my birthday Gift Rick bought me this.
I want a bigger one but that will come hopefully in a few years.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I'm very excited to celebrate my birthday this year with some great friends and the hubs.


  1. Love the camera. Happy Birthday and enjoy all the deserve it! Love, Debby

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Every once in awhile you gotta cheat on the diet or you will go crazy.

  3. You are so brave and doing such an amazing job with sticking to your diet! Congratulations love, and please do enjoy your birthday! Although we always have to keep moderation in mind, you only live once! I personally have watched with deep pain in my heart how a person whom I loved deeply and enjoyed little things in life and good home made food, at the end due to a terrible disease wasn't even able to drink water. After seeing her suffer I promise myself that I would do things in moderation yes, but never deprived myself of enjoying a pleasure no matter how simple because nobody knows what awaits you in the future, I'm sorry if I was a downer..I just wanted to say as loud as I could ENJOY!!! you are beautiful inside and out and deserve to have a great birthday..that said, send me a slice of cake!!! LOL Love ya, Lizy

  4. What a fabulous birthday present!!! And you do deserve that cheesecake. Like you, it wouldn't bother me in the least that it was low carb. I'd be happy!

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!! If anyone deserves a piece of cheesecake, it's you!! I make a low carb, sugar free cheesecake for my husband (he is diabetic), with an almond crust that is better than graham cracker in my opinion. Let me know if you want the recipe!

  6. I am sorry I am late wishing you a happy birthday! Congrats on the fine job you have done losing weight!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! That food looks yummy, especially cheesecake!!!

  8. YUM!!!! ...& AWESOME gifts!!! CONGRATS again, and hope your birthday was wonderful and the celebration was a delicious reward!! You've earned it!!!!! :)

  9. what kind of camera did you get? That's SUHWEEEEET!

    10 months with NO CHEATS? Dude, I can't even get through two WEEKS.... LOL

    Your willpower is freakin iron clad!


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