Sunday, August 16, 2015

TMNT Pizza Box Favors

I have a thing about giving crap gifts from dollar stores that people throw out or a bunch of candy. I hate buying things that just get thrown out or just hype kids up. I love to find fun ways to give gifts for kids to take away with them. 

For Caden's TMNT party I wanted to do something different then I have done before. I saw plenty of ideas on bags to make on Pinterest then I was on Etsy and found several idea's for Pizza Boxes! I called around to Pizza place to buy boxes and almost died at the cost, at $1.50 a box for the 20 I needed it would be $30.00. It cost me LESS to buy a huge pack on Amazon and store the later for something instead of buying one at a time at a Pizza place.

I went onto Etsy and found a ton of Pizza Box ideas a LOT of them looked a bit childish and since Caden was turning 8 I didn't want to go that way. I found this Pizza Box on Bailey Bunch Invites. They printed as a PDF for a 7x7 pizza box she has the instant download for $9.99. NOW this are NON-personalized. I paid and downloaded the PDF and Saved as PDF I saved in Word and then using TMNT FREE Font I downloaded I added Wording Caden's 8th Bday in the banner. You don't have to do that or you can pay the $12.99 or so for a personalized one, i'm cheap and find ways to do it myself ;).

What you Need:
Craft Glue
White Paper (Regular is fine you could do Card Stock but a waste of money I think)
Image Printed

After I doctored up the wording and printed on plan copy paper since I figured most would throw away I didn't want to waste the money on card stock paper. I added the top with the wording I added. In the download you get 3 sides for your pizza box (1 front and 2 sides). I attached with craft glue and bam done! I have to say the faces on the kids when they got this was priceless NOW not as big as when they got the nun-chuck pool noodles but still they thought this was so cool!!!  

I was so excited this was my favorite Favor Box as to date!

It was a little time consuming making 20 of these BUT not as long as some of the other's I've made in the past. Like last year's minion Bags those took a lot of time cutting out and gluing. 

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  1. Such a cute idea! I am kind of glad that Pinterest wasn't around when my daughter was young - I would have gone crazy!

  2. More.....I can't believe it! Those are really cute. You are truly amazing......

  3. Such a great idea for party favors ! Thank you for sharing it with us at #HomeMattersParty. We would love to have again next week .


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