Monday, August 3, 2015

TMNT Nunchucks Tutorials - Made from Pool Noodles

Yesterday I showed you the edible Nunchucks for the party. Today I show you the cool Nunchucks made from Pool Noodles. As you know I love a themed party and using pool noodles is also one of my favorite things to do. A previous year party we did Light Saber's for a Star Wars Party. I found several site's showing you how to do the Nunchucks but the best one was on Capital B, she did a great tutorial.

You'll need:
Pool Noodle (Makes 2 nunchucks per noodle)
3/4" PVC Plugs
1 yard parachute cord (or similar)
sharp knife / scissors
match or lighter
super glue 

Cutting pool noodle (I cut mine to make 4 piece's per noodle). You can measure or you can fold it half then half again then mark and cut with scissors.  For the cord part I just eyeballed it, you can get measure it all but I was making 24 of these suckers so it was a let's get this done mission. So my ends weren't perfect, I also had my 11 year old cutting so I let it be (I had to put my OCD aside - since it took us until 11p the night before the party).

Then I drilled a hole down through the middle of the PVC plugs. I used a 9/64 drill bit, I did the same as her and tried different bits to find the right one for the cord to go through. Shhh I may have press to hard and broke one of my husbands bits also :).

I picked my cord up at Hobby Lobby (I found it at most craft stores). Melt the ends to get it threaded through the PVC plug. I used a BBQ lighter, waited a few seconds then my fingers form it to a point. Thread the cord through the plugs and tie knots. Make sure to have your knot sticking out the end, not tucked inside the plug (I noticed I did mine backwards vs her's, it worked but it's up to you). 

Use super glue to spread around the base part of the plugs, then tucked them into the hole of the pool noodle. It is snug even without the super glue, but I to make sure they stayed I added glue inside before I put the plug in the noodle hole. 

To make them look more like Nunchucks I added some black electrical tape to the ends. Wrap it around as straight as you can.

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Some fun pictures of the party goes and their Nunchucks!


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