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Friday, September 5, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Today started with a request for me to drive to Seattle to deliver some drawings, no problem it's early it shouldn't be any problem. This is where Murphy's law comes into effect, I really think it may have been created just to explain the items that go on in my life. By 11:30 I'm pacing around because I know how traffic gets later on a Friday. I think I may be making them nervous, good since I'll be the one in a car all night long. Finally a little around 1:20PM they give me the go ahead to leave. Here's the Murphy's law the vehicle I was going to use is gone, so it's my car to the rescue. On a plus side the mileage reimbursement is up to 58 cents, so at least that will cover my gas up there.

Hop in the car and look down of course old pal Murphy keeps striking today! No gas, I must run back in the office and borrow the Costco card. Well I guess I should call dad since he's watching Caden and I probably won't be able to be home by 4:30pm like I was planning. He would like to get some items done so will I wait for the gas line he heads my way to give me Caden. Thanks to my wonderful husband who calls to remind me I can use the carpool lane now that Caden is with me! What a genius that can maybe help me get there and back a little quicker. So I'm off to Seattle of course the traffic isn't too bad getting there, it's the going home that will suck. Being the multi-tasker that I am I call Qwest to find out why my Internet isn't her like promised. After being told oh so nicely that it looks like something happened and now it won't be available until the 10th!!! WTF ... I was promised it would be up and running by today. After getting no where with the girl I asked to talk to a manager of course she informed me that she already talked to a manager and this is all they can say. REALLY did I ask you what she would say, no I asked to talk to her now put her on the phone! Finally the manager comes on the line and really isn't much help and doesn't want to help. So after raising my voice of such a little bit I reminder her I've been a loyal customer for over 15 years and should receive better customer service then this! After her giving me oh so much attitude she puts on the Loyal Customer Service who gives me 1/2 off 3 months but still can't get me the Internet. So here I am with out Internet to do my 2nd job yet again for a 3rd week in a row. I am the most flaky person they have, really I can't handle this I've never been a no show or a call the day off to cancel. In all the time I've been working the only time I've called in is when I was very sick or with sick kids. I have no real excuse here except my stupid computer died 2 weeks in a row and then hey why not have my Internet die the 3rd week.

I get out of the parking garage get a message from my boss asking if I could do one more stop! Yikes I'm now just leaving Seattle and I'm literally sitting in traffic not moving and I need to make it to the next place in 45 minutes before they close the doors. Well since I'm just sitting there I guess I try to figure out a plan B. I give my dear and good friend Anngie a call to ask or beg if I could borrow her laptop for the weekend. She's such a great person even though she's been worried about her non-anti virus and still was a sweetie and let me borrow it. Since my next stop is in Auburn I can swing by and pick it up also. I also start on plan C, hey I may be in this traffic until it's time for the next job to start why not work all angles. I call around and find out how much a wireless card would be for Rick's computer since he lost his. Wal-mart of course has the best deal and hey they're in Auburn also, I'm making this a full service trip! I finally start moving and make it to the place with 30 seconds to spare, the lady even had her coat on ready to roll out! Phew I can make it to Wal-Mart pick up the wireless card, and meet Anngie to borrow her laptop as a back-up also.

I get back on the freeway to get stuck right in the mix of Friday Afternoon traffic, I think I see a car I passed before I got to Auburn. Really I don't think the line has moved! The sea parts and I'm booking, you know doing 25 miles an hour it's great. Moving pretty good and then guess what I hit Fair traffic, WTF. I have a sign on me to just give me all the crap? I give the other host family a call to polity tell them I'm going to be a 1/2 hour late. I make the rounds and pick the boys up and head home.

You know with the 2 back-ups you would think I would be set for the 2nd job. Well that is where you forget who's life we are talking about. Yup it's my life and I install all the software and get Rick's machine up and running, phew I don't have to use Anngie's machine. I take about 3 calls and guess what, yup it disconnects me. I reconnect take another 2 calls and it does it again. Grrr .... I reconnect and don't even get all the way back on the site before it does it again. Well the 4th time and I IM my boss and let her know what's going on, she tells me to disconnect. Yup I'm scoring big brownie points. I try logging onto Anngie's machine, nope I can't get any connection. So it looks like I'm off for another night. Just a great side note it took me until Saturday to finish this post with all this great disconnecting.

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