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Friday, December 5, 2008

Just a little rant

It's funny how some that have made a big stink about the dress code are the hardest to fit it and try little things here and there to test the waters. With my luck (if you would call it that) would get me sent home right away. Oh well I'm actually liking my new clothes and even the new wedges I bought. Now walking on them is a whole different issue, by the time I got home yesterday all I wanted to do was kick my shoes off and sit on the couch.

Answer me this as moms we never sit we get home make dinner, feed everyone, do the dishes, get maybe half a meal in before it's bath time, laundry and get ready for bed time. Now I'm beat by the time I get to bed, I barely eat and I feel like I ran a marathon but do you think I'm rail thin? Not even close, hmmm ... maybe those pieces of chocolate at work isn't the best but still ... ugh!

One more topic I must just get out there, I'm a freak about personal space. As most people know I love my bubble! I had to run to Costco today to pick up a cake. While in the check out line an older gentleman decided that I smelled good and had to stand right next to me. I was filling out the check and felt something on my arm, I look over to be face to face with the gentleman. I said excuse me and he just smiled, oh great. I scoot over to finish and get out of there he takes this as a sign to step closer again! We are know shoulder to shoulder and the overwhelming smell of old spice is about to gag me. Before I can throw up I grab the receipt and hustle to the exit. Of course a line, guess who comes up right behind me .... ahhh I swear I have mace ok maybe just a bottle of perfume but it will sting and I may be able to run or walk very fast with this chocolate cake and wrapping paper. I'm warning you back off! Yup in my panic I almost drop the cake, hey a little frosting on the side of the box is just extra to eat right? Run to the car and my sidekick hobbles to a different spot. Phew that was a close one I could have had my own life size troll for my passenger seat. Hey it could help with carpool lanes!

Back to the grindstone I go ... Hi Ho Hi Ho! Last day of the week, well not really the work week since I work Saturday AM and PM but still it's a good day. More later ....


  1. I am taking the afternoon to read new blogs. I hope you do not mind me stopping by. Feel free to check out my blog. I am having a give-a-way that will end on Monday. Three winners! :D

    Did you knit/crochet those items on your blog? I love the scarves...actually, everything is really cute.

    I also really dislike personal bubble busting with a lot of cologne might put me over the edge.

  2. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I love to have new readers and people to talk to ;).

    I'll go ove and check it out, I love giveaways. I wish I could get on that bandwagon.

    My MIL made them, she's amazing making those fun things!

    Yup bubble at all times! LOL


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