Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One of those days ...

You ever just have one of those days, it just kind of takes you down. Well it was one of those days for me, now I know I'm a lucky girl and have been blessed with many things but some days you just want to eat that bag of chocolate. So instead of giving into my urge to ripe open that bag of Hersey kisses with the cherry center. Which if you know me know I hate anything cherry flavor reminds me of cough syrup when I was young, but when you're have a chocolate attack almost anything will do.

But isn't of letting it get to me I started to bake yet again, not sure what has gotten into me lately. Maybe it the idea of using every dish in the house to make Rick crazy, it drives him nuts when I've used every dish to make an item. Hey I actually washed while I went along and had all the dishes done before he even got home from work. First I started with some rice in the rice cooker, really what did I do with out these nifty things that cut my work in half? You know I don't usually get home until after 6pm from work and picking up the kids so these little gadgets are Godsend's! After the rice I decide that I couldn't have made enough cookies why not make the box (yes I said box) of gingerbread cookies my girlfriend brought over. The funny thing is I had these out yesterday forgot, washed up all the dishes and turned off the oven. This is the point that Rick then feels the need to say something about the cookies that didn't get made. No he couldn't have said something when I was in mid process of the other million batches, nope after everything is put away and the oven is cool! I have to love him right? A little mean thoughts doesn't hurt anyone does it, I only think of throwing that wood spoon at his head I never actually do it!

I then move on to a new batch of bread, the french bread I made Sunday smelled great but the loaf was too small for lunches. Plus it's a little dense, which is good for the PB&J sandwiches but not so good for the ham sandwiches I usually do. So throw all the ingredients in the bread maker and let it do it's magic. See I never could have gotten threw half of these things with out help from handy dandy gadgets. Then it's time for dinner brown up some onions and then throw in some meat. Ok some of you might want to turn your head at this point, some people think this is the worse meat ever. Yes I'm talking about Spam, the boys love it and actually eat really well with it so hey it's a keeper. Don't ever tell my mom I cook with it, she will disclaim me and let you know she would NEVER let this ever come in her house. She saw it in my cupboard the other day and I thought I was going to have to call 911 from her having a heart attack. She was in shock and let me know this isn't how she raised me. LOL ... like I'm sticking the kids in bed with no desert (wait I do that) ... hmmm well you get the idea. Back on track throw the rice, onion, spam (sorry had to say the word), cream of mushroom, milk and top it off with Cheddar cheese. Hey at least it's real cheese and not Velveeta I really love my mom and want her to stay around, that would surely throw her over the deep edge :).

So there you have it my baking night, here it is after 9pm and the dishes are done, Cole's lunch is made and the house is in good shape. Not bad for a days work, and I'm not in such a mood either! I do have to let you in on why so many Betty Crocker items, not because it's the easiest (which it is) but because of Box Tops. Cole's school is collecting box tops and the classroom that brings in the most gets a party. And you know me and competition, I'm all over it! I've already filled up one sheet and on to my 2nd one. Do you think that sounds a little aggressive? I didn't think so either. What I didn't let you answer? Sorry, I'm glad you agree with me :).

Back to my regular bread recipe (its the best I've tried)

My rice cooker! Thank you Black & Decker I love it!

Yummy Gingerbread Cookies! Yup don't get excited it's from a box, but still yummy!

Thank you Betty Crocker (see the missing box top)

Cookies are done, look it made exactly one sheet! Yup that had nothing to do with a certain person with sticky fingers typing that had "some" of the dough! Nope I know nothing!

The Casserole (See I saved you from the word)

And yummy the bread just finished too! Talk about a night well spent!


  1. When I use my rice cooker it makes lots of bubbles and stuff squirts out from that little hole in the lid making a starchy gooey mess everywhere within a 2 ft. radius of the rice cooker. Does yours do that, or am I doing it wrong?

  2. Yum send me over some cookies...I have a whole mackerel in the fridge to contend with...hope your day gets better...loose yourself in a good book, or go jump the hubby :)


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