Thursday, April 28, 2011

An icy front is coming in!

foot in mouth bigSometimes I don’t think men think before they speak.  Ok a little background I work from home and do have a part time job I work 1 night a week then of course take care of the kids etc.  Rick works a full time job and 2 part time jobs that alter days during the week and then he goes up to my parents house to works.  So ok we get it he works a LOT so that means he is not home a lot.

So between work, working out and taking the boys here and there my house cleaning has been a bit lacking.  Now don’t get me wrong the house is not filthy just maybe not dusted or vacuumed on a daily basis (ok who am I kidding weekly).

So this is the part where I think Rick brain and mouth were not connected the other day.  He get’s into these cleaning modes which would be great to some but he gets pissy when he cleans.  See he is under the assumption that once you clean the carpet or the house it is to stay that way!  HELLO we have kids and he added a dog into the mix so yup it’s never going to stay clean.  He words to me that had his foot in his mouth is “How come this house is never clean?  You don’t do anything around here unless it’s connected to a computer”.  Oh yes that was the last straw … so we’re on a icy freeze here!

Anyone else think the silent treatment is the way to go?  Do you also want your spouse to switch spots to you?  Just one day in my life maybe he would get it! hehe Yes I know wishful thinking!

Daily in the life a busy mom:

  • 5:30a (or 6am if I sleep in) – Start Work
  • 7:30a – Clock off to get Cole up, make breakfast, pack lunch, get Rick up, do the dishes, throw a load in the washer … Get them all out the door
  • 8:30a – Clock back on
  • 3:00p – Clock off pick up Cole at School
  • 3:20p – Clock back on finish calls
  • 3:40p – Get dinner ready put in oven on Delay Mode to start while we’re at the gym & be ready when we walk in door.  Throw a load in the dryer, throw dry load on the bed to fold sometime.
  • 4:00p – Head to Gym
  • 6:00p – Dinner Friends come over (Tues)
  • 7:00p – Swimming Classes (Mon, Wed), Homework, Bath, Dishes, Laundry
  • 8:00pm – Maybe Sit down then to bed.

Yup so the house may not be spotless but I’m doing the best I can.  Until I hit the pay load and can hire someone to help me this is what it is.  And as I pointed out to him YES he works a lot but how hard is it to fold the laundry, heck I’d put it away just help me fold it!  A girl can dream!  So we’ll see if Rick can remove that foot from his mouth or if the ground hog will not see his shadow and go back for an icy front Smile.

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  1. Girl, you know I have to come out of lurker mode to comment on THIS!

    Us moms work hard and men just don't get it. IF the house is not immaculate, oh well...his supper is cooked, right? Bills are paid and kids are taken care of...nuf said!

    THis is why I don't have a husband and doubting I'll ever have one again! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am in the same boat too. theres nothing like working your butt off all day and Hubby comes home to say "wow the house is a mess. what the heck did you do all day?!" Thats when I go to my happy place in my know the one where your hitting your hubby repeatedly with a frying pan? yeah.......bliss!

    Disclaimer: The writer of this comment does not advocate or suggest that any sort of violence is the answer..but it's sure as hell great to think about!!! LOL Blessings, Joanne

  4. Every relationship has these two characters. Mine is messy and cluttery as heck, and when I point it out he gets upset, but suddenly he will go into a cleaning mode and all heck breaks loose...oh what are we to do? You can't live with them and you cannot kill'em LOL so we love them anyway...

  5. o girls!
    he SO DESERVES the cold shoulder after this one...

    doug doesn't care if the house is messy.. like at all.. but you know what that means right?? it means he'll clean if i ask him too.. but come on! isn't he an adult too, why do i have to tell him every little thing?!?!

  6. Oh my.. It is hard to work and keep up with a house. I stay home and my house gets cleaned once a week when I am ready to do. My husband does not care. I keep it as clean as I can. But most of the time it is just me and the little one at home as he works a lot. He should give you a break you work and take care of everything.. If he does not like it then he should fold some clothes or pitch in when he can..

    love ya poser..

  7. There are no kids here but the hubby will help around the house if I need it 'cause he knows I don't always feel well.

  8. You work hard girl! I can't imagine juggling all that in one day, let alone day after day. You do it with ease to us...and you cook! I do wish the guys could understand...I think Scott got a good dose last week while I was sick. He had to do everything that I normally do.

    Hang in there girl!...maybe it will warm up for you two! :)

  9. They really have NO idea how much work it is. Even if we cleaned it up to perfection, the kids would undo it in 30 minutes flat.

    He needs the cold shoulder.

  10. My husband is the same way sometimes.. But he doesnt clean the house. I had so much to do this last weekend and working 3rd shift I didnt get it done and I was snagging about it.. Well I had the girls help me Monday morning after breakfast FINALLY!!!LOL.. But it looks better than it did.

  11. I love the silent treatment, that's how I roll. How can he not get it!!! I don't think I have seen anyone else who gives so much to her family as you do. What about all the clean up from all those meals/treats you cook up everyday! The sad part is that they will never get it. Just wait until I tell you what mine said to me.

  12. I hear you on this...I am of the opinionn that if you don't like the way I do it, then by all means, do it your f***ing self.
    Hope he comes around soon...

  13. Uh-oh. He messed up this time.

    When are you going to find the time to clean when you're doing all that? Plus, with kids and a dog it isn't going to stay clean for long.

  14. Uh-oh. He messed up this time.

    When are you going to find the time to clean when you're doing all that? Plus, with kids and a dog it isn't going to stay clean for long.

  15. He'll come around... just conveniently leave your schedule on a table or on the bathroom mirror so that he can see it.
    Men can be such poop-heads sometimes!

  16. I saw a thing where a guy was continually ocmplaining about that to his wife "what DO you do all day".... so one day she didn't pick up SHIT...didn't do laundry...didn'td do dishes... nothing and the house was a COMPLETE and UTTER disaster... floor to ceiling, no toys picked up, no dinner, nothing..and he walked in and she said, "You know how you asked what I do all day? Well, today shit head, I didn't do it." She handed him the baby, said I'll be back in an hour and got in her car and went to get a starbucks. !!!!


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