Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week Wrap Up ~ Movie Night, Friends & Swimming

This was one of those weekends that was JAM packed but filled with friends and a lot of fun.

Friday night Cole’s school hosted a free movie night with popcorn, pop & candy!  Can I say again how much I LOVE this school.  The kids had so much fun and we brought along our friend April and her son Killian.  The Movie was Open Season 3 which we hadn’t seen, it was super funny!

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Saturday after I got done with Work we ran to Lowe’s Kid Clinic, this time we built Pin Ball Machines!  OF course I was planning to go to the gym right after so I was sporting the UNI-BOOB sports bra, Half Pony Tail, NO MAKE up (yes you read that right) with a HUGE zit on my check.  So I was pimping it & then I of course ran into someone I hadn’t seen in 15 years. <insert head slap>

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To keep my sanity I took the boys to McD’s and yes they even ate there which is a HUGE treat the boys were shocked they could have something beside water there Smile

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Cole asked for a workbook to practice his curse writing that he learned in school!  He ALSO loves to play Chess on my computer Smile.  Then I had him write the names of his classmates on his birthday invites.  I turned to see he wasn’t just writing their names but on each envelope he drew a special picture.  I was so moved each person had a different photo on what he thought about them.  His teacher pulled me aside after I gave them to her to say how special they were.

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Sunday my friend April came to church with me, it was so nice to sit with her.  We then went to the church pot luck for some yummy food.  THEN she offered to watch the boys at McD’s playland so I could go grocery shopping ALONE!!!  It was so nice, then I went to pick up the boys were grumpy old man was making comments about her son.  The older boys were playing tag and he didn’t understand the slapping thing.  I wanted to tell the old guy to shove it, but I bit my tongue and walked out!  ON my way home a AHOLE was going 10 miles under eating food doing all that.  So when it became 2 lanes I was going to pass him so what does the JERK do he speeds up, making me having to slam my brakes on.  SO if you see a older man who looks like Paul Tuttle in a White Acura in Tacoma, WA give him the bird for me Smile.

And week 2 of swimming!! Caden even stuck his head under water and let her hold him while he kicked threw the pool! Yeah Caden and Cole was doing much better with his front float and holding his head under water.

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Happy Wednesday everyone!!


  1. That is great that you got some alone time.. I know we get that once in a while now too that Kora is old enough to stay home with bri for a little bit now..

  2. So busy, but sounds like a ton of fun. (Besides the rude people-LOL!)

  3. Sounds like a fab weekend! Going grocery shopping alone is always a treat!

  4. That's always the time you run into old friends, when you're not wearing make up!

    Don't ya love that?

  5. Wow you are an amazing Mom with tons to do.. How fun.. Have a great night..

  6. I hate to run into people I know when I'm looking like that. But not enough to always spiff up when I'm out and about.

  7. So happy to hear Caden is improving on his swimming!

    Figures about bumping into an old friend....darn that cosmic karma fate!

  8. He's learning cursive already…doesn't the time pass too quickly?

  9. Yep, super busy! How sweet of Cole to draw those pictures on each one.
    Awesome that your friend watched the boys for you. Sounds like it was an awesome weekend.

  10. Fun weekend! Chess on the computer...what a great idea..never even thought of that - my son will love that :)

  11. I think the Lowe's clinics are a super fun and creative thing for kids to do. I like the way Cole did his invites. Very kind.

  12. How terrific of the school to have movie night, the kids look like they really enjoyed it.
    I'm so glad that you were able to see an old friend, even if you were not dressed your best. =) Not to mention I LOVE Caden's hat!
    I can't believe how grown-up, artistic and SMART Cole is getting, he is just like his mommy!!
    How sweet of your friend to let you have a little time on your own, too bad some asshat had to ruin your time alone.
    Just a friendly reminder not to overdo things, I WILL be watching you during **Carnival** time. =)


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