Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week Wrap … Some cleaning & the start of Swim Classes!

So our weekends seem to merge threw the week with events I had to change from Wednesday Weekend Wrap to Week Wrap Smile.  Happy Hump day everyone!  Hope you all are having a wonderful week!  I’m on week 3 of the gym, YES I’ve gone EVERY day since I’ve joined!  Not seeing a big difference in my pants but I feel good!

Friday I got my hair cut & colored!  My gal did a good job but her styling is never my fav.  Top Right is her style.  Bottom is me learning to style it.  I’m loving my new bob Smile.  So Top two are the pics I took in with for cut & Color.  So NOT exactly what I wanted but we can work with it!

Blogger Pics317

So I did a little things around the house.  Cleaned my car (took me 2 hours) yes that is the dirty water! Folded the clothes since my house fairy hasn’t arrived yet!!  Then did a little grocery shopping!  And yes it all fit nicely in the back of my car since I cleaned it first!!!

Blogger Pics314

The boys did a little Wii Netflix watching Smile.  YES that is Caden sitting in the dog’s bed!!

Blogger Pics315

THEN I started the boys in swim classes!  I’m so excited and they did such a great job!  Caden goes first and then Cole goes second in his class.  Caden got in with no trouble!  He even blew bubbles in the water.  Both boys didn’t really like the back floating but yeah to our first day!  We go Mondays & Wednesday threw April.

Blogger Pics312Blogger Pics316


  1. The cut is cute. I miss my short hair, but want it long again. It's driving me crazy lol. Ahh cleaning it's so much fun:) Can I come clean for you, my house is finished, so now I'm bored haha

  2. Nice cut. Glad the boys liked swimming class. It's a good skill to learn.

  3. you look SO pretty with your new hair do.. i love the color!!!
    caden is SO cute sitting in the dog bed!!!

  4. I LOVE the hair! and congrats on keeping up with going to the gym. I remember someone once telling me that you shouldn't worry about the physical looking results, but how much better you FEEL. Glad you are able to keep it up!
    I think it's awesome that your boys are going to swim classes! Hope they have a ton of fun!

  5. I loved swim class as a kid!

    You won't lose your followers. Just put the Google follow widget on the sidebar and change your profile.

  6. I love your hair. You are now ready for spring. I am not ready for fruit in bed.

  7. Your hair looks cute! I need to get mine cut...definitely needs it more than every year and a half :-/

    Swim classes must be fun! I looked into that last summer, but there wasn't a place close by...maybe this summer! :-)

  8. I love your new cut!

    Learning to swim!
    I remember when our boys were learning. Seems like yesterday.
    My they grow quickly.


  9. Bri loved her swimming lessons but we havent had our YMCA account in almost two years now.. I miss it too..

  10. I moved and still drive 2.5 hours to have my hair cut! LOL - Love yours! It sounds like you had an exciting,fulfilling week! YEAH!

  11. You have gone everyday, that is awesome! Your hair looks great. It always take awhile for a style to work. I think your doing a pretty good job! Swim class for the boys is great, everyone needs to know how to swim. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  12. Wanna come and wash my car...I will provide the wine? lol

  13. I like your new look. I always have an idea in mind of what I want when I go to a salon and it never comes out looking like I thought it would. Hope the boys have fun at their swim classes.

  14. I know where your fairy went...she's hangin' out with the one who was supposed to come over to my house! Damn Slackers!! I know what you mean about the hair cut. I NEVER get what I want. Though yours still looks cute. I am finally letting mine grow long. Great post. Blessings, Joanne

  15. Great job making it to the gym!! Keep up the awesome work. I think your hair looks cute. I always hate how I can NEVER make it looks as sleek and as polished as it looks when I leave the salon.


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