Thursday, February 2, 2012

Glasses are the new black dress right?

Since I don’t think I’ll be getting an eye surgery anytime soon I’ve become obsessed with glasses.  And being the crazy sale person that I am found one site that I could buy glasses with a coupon for a $1 + shipping.  THEN I found anther site that your first pair is free + shipping.  Being the thrifty person I am under each site I logged in as one me and then two Rick so I could get two glasses from each site.  I know but I can’t pass up a deal like that!  So for around $25 I bought 4 new glasses worth around $88 a piece!  Yes for you math wizzes that is $352 glasses for $25!

Let the fashion show begin!

My studious reminds me of a man’s business look.  I’m funny but when I’m home working on web things I like to wear these. YES I know I’m nutty!

Blogger Pics1

My pink blush pair, that are not my fav since they have the plastic noise piece and I think they blend too much with my skin tone right now.  These will be for when I’m tan.

Blogger Pics2

My Pink animal print (inside it’s a peek a boo), which I thought would be my favorites but the next pair actually has turned out to be.

Blogger Pics4

These Blue animal print (on the outside) have become my favorite.  They are super comfy and I love the splash of color I never would have thought I’d like blue but something told me to get them.

Blogger Pics3

On an amazing ending note, Rick had the weekend off for his birthday.  He was SO kind Friday came home told me to go get a pedicure!  I didn’t even say a word about wanting one.  Then Saturday he hung out with the boys while I went grocery shopping ALONE!  Sunday he took the boys WITHOUT me asking to Chuck E Cheese to play for FOUR hours so I could go get my hair done!  It was the MOST (yes a lot of caps because that is how excited I am) relaxing and BEST weekend I have had in a very very long time! 

Blogger Pics5

So there you have it a fashion show Smile!  Hope you’re all having fab week! Much LOVE!


  1. Work those glasses girl! They all look really fabulous. My favourites were the pink! Great new barnet too! (Barnet = Cockney for hair do!)

  2. Hey hey sexy laydeee look at you. I love them. I have to wear my glasses more often now as my eye strain is quite sore but not due another test until October. *grumble*. I love your hair too. You look so good with curled hair and straight. Loving the colours. You go girl xx

  3. The pink animal print were my favorites! You look good in glasses!! :)

  4. You are a very pretty young lady. all of the glasses look good on you. Are these prescription glasses? If so how can you get them without an eye exam?

  5. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Love the glasses, what a great deal!

  6. Oh my gosh I wish I knew the name of those sites I just spent 300+on one pair and they hurt like H#ll!They kill my nose. UGH! You look so cool! I love the black ones.
    Blessings, Joanne

  7. Oh how nice for you....nice glasses, relaxing weekend. Very cool

  8. You are so cute girl. All 4 of the pairs are adorable. I like style 3 and 4 the best...Mine are alot like the 3rd pair...I love them! :)

    I need to get my hair colored too. Need to call in the morning to get an appt. I keep forgetting! Ugh!

  9. That was very kind of Rick. My oldest step-daughter gets her reading glasses online by shopping for good deals, like you do.

  10. Wow, how fun! I love how the various pairs of glasses made you look so different!

  11. i LOVE glasses they r so fun and can make u feel so good about urself whne u find a pair that u just LOVE! As always darls ur looking gorgeous! Your hair looks fab! Sounds like a great wkend im glad ur hubby was able to give u time to spoil urself! U deserve it!


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