Sunday, October 7, 2012

Making R2D2 Costume for mom (Part I)

So we start on the costume for mom.  My amazing friend Rachael (she's amazing and crafty check her out) posted on FB a tutu she made for her daughter for tutu Tuesday.  I then found the R2D2 tutu costume I wanted made for me and she was so kind to let me come over Saturday and helped me make it.  It is so easy to do, even I could do this one yup I'm telling you I leave the sewing and that type of thing to her so it was nice to find a project I could pull off ... lol.  I picked up the materials and we made it!  I wanted to give you good step by steps so I headed over to Skip to My Lou for a No Sew Tutorial to help out. 

I had to show it off .. lol

Now I made a LONGER version so you could get away with less tulle but here is what I picked up.
What you Need:
7 Yards - White Tulle (Regular $1.99 yrd - was 50% off)
2 Yards - Blue with Glitter Tulle (Regular $5.99 yrd - Was 60% off)
2 Yards - Blue Tulle (Regular $1.99 yrd - was 50% off)
Elastic (measure waist minus 2 and that is what you need) - ($2.99)
Ribbon (if you want) ($2.99 roll)
Cutting Tool & Mat (Helps to make straight lines)

** Alexis notes: I found that Walmart's Tulle is cheaper yes but the quality wasn't as nice, pay a little more and go to a fabric store.  JoAnne's had their's half off so I actually paid what Walmart price was and got a better product.  Usually I buy material at Walmart but this time I have to say go else where. **

How to Make:
  1. Cut tulle into 4 inch wide strips (doesn't have to be perfect). Tulle is folded once lengthwise on the bolt when you buy it I keep mine this length but you could cut in half to make shorter.  
  2. Rachael used her sewing machine and made my elastic a circle (by sewing two open ends together).  
  3. Place the middle of the strip that is folded in half under the elastic. Reach under and through the loop grasping the strip. (see picture below for step by step)
  4. Pull the tail through the loop. 
  5. This makes a slip knot, pull snug. Be careful tying tulle strips around the elastic to not stretch out the band. Continue tying all of the strips evenly onto the elastic.  
  6. Now we took 4 pieces of tulle together and did each not to make the tutu fuller.  We alternated all white and then one that was blue and white mix.  You can do whatever you like the look to be.  I wanted it to look like blue coming down like his body looks (R2D2).  We also added strips of ribbon doing the same knot we did for the tulle.

You can do this with any color but I think it looks perfect for the costume!  I'm finishing the t-shirt right now for the top of the costume.  I will show you the whole costume soon!  What do you think?  


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