Monday, October 1, 2012

Headset Issues

As most of you know I work from home, I do calls all day long (around 70 or 80+).  So I can't use a cheap headset to make these calls threw my skype account.  I found that cords are a pain in the butt PLUS they bunch up and can make problems with people hearing you.  I have used Plantronics at a previous job where I ran a call center.  So I went looking for a headset that was wireless.  Mind you this is NOT a cheap item.  I found a really nice one (Plantronics Audio 995) on Amazon Regular $109.95 for $75 and bought it loved and it lasted a year!  I thought ok that is good since I do use my headset 6 days a week.  So I picked up a new one in July of this year, the only bad thing about this is when they die they die and you better have a back up or you are screwed for work.  
Plantronics Audio 995 Wireless Stereo Headset

So July 20th I bought a new one Regular $109.95 on sale this time for $56.28 thinking I am very lucky for the deal.  So then 2 weeks ago my headset dies! OK Mind you I ordered 7/20 got it 7/25/12 and it then DIES 9/12.  OK that is SO NOT ok ... That is a LOT of money to only live for 2 months!  SO I go back to Amazon click on return item, write my note to the seller.  2 days later I get an email saying they can't help me I have to contact the company of the headset.  Insert calling Plantronics, I call got a nice lady who says I need to go to their website and first register my product then click to return and upload my proof of purchase.  So of course life takes over and I have to wait a few days.  In the meantime I pick up a gamer's headset at Best Buy (they say they are better since they pick up sound better - I'm here to say that is a LIE ... I have had more complaints in these few days then in my 5 years of doing this). 

Round 2, I go to Amazon download my purchase history.  Then I went to the website registered and then requested a return uploaded my receipt and now I wait.  Next am I check my email to find that my proof of purchase has been DENIED?  So I call AGAIN to be transferred from one person to another.  This gentleman tells me that the headset I have is their most popular (NO Crap I LOVED my last one and was fond of this one until it died after 6 or so weeks).  So their system is set up to DENY ALL claims for this headset (well that would have been nice to have been told the first time I called).  The gentleman said you just mail it back and we'll overnight you a new one.  I ask with out a return id #?  He says yes just send it over.  So I send it over and hope and pray I get a new one.  Well of course mama  you won't have to do that you'll get a new one.  BUT how will I know?  We just get it to you, if you really want you can get a conf from the post office? But that doesn't mean when it gets to you, that the person who opens the box will know what to do!

Finally he says well if you have a paper I'll give you the address, UGH ok.  So he gives it to and finally he says you put your name & number in the box and claim #.  FINALLY dude that is what I was asking, it's not an authorized return but at least I feel a bit better.  

Overall this headset rocks (YES I paid for it with my own money this was not a review of the item).  I got a bum one that sadly just sucked and NOW having to deal with customer service to get a new one is where the communication broke down.  I felt like I was having a convo with my husband and helping out with laundry and get the same brick wall! UGH LOL


  1. I hope you have the headset problem all worked out. Your work fascinates me. Please tell me you are not a telemarketer. ;-)

  2. You need good equipment to do a good job

  3. LOL Beth, no not a telemarketer :). I work for a Financial Adviser, he has a radio show on Saturdays and we get tons of calls. My job is to call everyone back confirm information get them his book and publications and schedule appointments in they would like. He is in MA and I'm in WA so it's perfect since they are 3 hours a head I can get up early and be off early to pick kids up. I work the weekend too but it's easy. It's a God Sent Dream job :)

  4. ((HUGS)) What a headache that is. So sorry for all the trouble.

  5. I am sorry i had to laugh at the last part of this. and I needed the laugh. its been awhile since i blogged again and I have some stuff to tell.

  6. Don't you just hate it when you have such a run around over something that you know should be so simple!


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