Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WWW ~ Great Wolf Lodge Stay Day 1 of 3

I'm happy to say we made it safe to Great Wolf Lodge, we of course got off to a late start which put us into some lovely traffic! Our 45 minute drive took around 2 hours! During this time I had a nice little nap, which of course made Rick upset but deal with it dude it's finally my time! I did call the lodge before we left to see if they had refrigerators in the rooms. Guess what they have them in EVERY room! Yes they understand that times are tough and people are trying to make the most of their bucks. They actually encourage you to do this, isn't that fabulous!

A quick stop at Wallyworld and we're off to Great Wolf Lodge. I was so excited and so were the boys they did the whole are we there yet! Finally we got to Exit 88 and right off the freeway we found the Great Wolf Lodge. I couldn't get over how full the parking lot was, it was great to see that everyone else was enjoying family time.

You walk in and just have this warm feeling, it just had this home feeling. We checked in and got our little wrist bracelets that is your room key! You could even put money on your wristband to use around the park. Don't worry you can put a cap on the kids one if you want :).

We walked up to our room and found the most amazing Kids Cabin. The boys had an amazing room with bunks and another bed, even their own TV. Yes Cole thought it was so cool, and climbed up to the top bunk. Caden of course wanted to do whatever big brother did (just wait for day 2 story on what happened there.) While they were checking out their room I found the amazing treats that were left in the room for us! Oh yes (see picture) of fudge, cookies, marshmallows treats and other yummy goodies. I'm sad to say my diet went out the door and I ate a little too much. There was even a personal note from John the director of sales, wasn't that sweet! Yes I kept the card, I'm crazy like that! Yes it will go into the scrapbook ;). Not only did they leave treats for me (yes those where just for me) they left Paw Passes for the kids! Let me tell you this is the coolest thing ever for like $80 you get a pass to do all these amazing things around the park it worth like $150! The boys had a BLAST doing all the things on the pass, don't worry I took pictures!

After bouncing on the beds we got the boys into swim trunks and to the water park we went! Ok hold on for this they have a 60,000 sf Indoor Waterpark, the temperature is a warm 82 degrees and the water is 84 degrees. The thing that really impressed me is 95 percent of the water is reclaimed! Talk about a GREEN way of doing it, yes they are 100% GREEN Certified. This is the way they keep the cost of electricity down and pass that along to you. And don't worry about safety they have 24 to 25 lifeguards on duty at all time! They are double certified (yes I asked).

At first Cole was a little scared but then after one ride he was a champ and we had a hard time getting him off the water slide. He went down the biggest one there, as he will tell anyone listening he went down the BLUE one and LOVED it! There was only one he couldn't do but he made use of the other 2. And for those who want to go outside they have a Tadpole pond outside with a BBQ pit! Yes we did it all and were so wore out, that when I went down to meet my girls Shannon and Mona I didn't take our pictures. Might also be that I was sitting in 82 degree waterpark and had no make up left on my face! LOL, don't worry I have more pictures to come!

Enjoy some fun pictures of our 1st day, I'm breaking this up into 3 post since we did so much I don't want to overwhelm you :).

So check out my pictures from the car ride (traffic) to driving up, checking in, our room, the treats, the note, the kiddies section, the huge water tower in the middle with a HUGE bucket that fills up and then dumps down (watch for 2 pictures of that). Thank you again to John and Jennifer at Great Wolf Lodge for inviting us mommy bloggers to come stay with you. We had so much fun and I can't wait to share Days 2 and 3 with you soon!


  1. Wow! Sounds like a ton of fun! I can't wait to take my kiddos there when they are a bit older :-)

  2. It was so much fun! And guess what? We get to go back at the end of the year!! Woo hoo for Great Wolf Lodge!

  3. Sounds like a great time! I want to go when the kids are a little bigger. So glad you had fun.

  4. Sounds and looks like a great time. I love the picture of your little one all wet with a towel around his head! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  5. Beautiful pictures girlie looks like you had an awesome time :)

  6. What a great trip you all are having!!! Thanks for sharing your photos with us, that's as close to a vacation as I'll get this year.

  7. keep having fun... this sounds like such a fun place!

  8. It sounds like it's such a great place for family fun! I'll look forward to hearing more!

  9. Can you fit me in the suit case next time? I will sleep in the close...but I might eat the treats when everyone is asleep...

  10. Man, I wish we had one of those here! That looks AWESOME!
    Glad you had a great time and actually got a vacation from your crazy life! =)

  11. I am so jealous! I wanna go...we have one about an hour from here and the kids are always bugging me to take them!

  12. Sounds like it was a great weekend! Can't wait to hear more!!!


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