Thursday, November 19, 2009

A 5 Year Old's Life

Yup you do crazy things when you're five and when you have a mom that documents every moment of your life with a camera watch out! Oh to be 5 again! Well I was never a boy so no matter what you say Dad I was never like this! LOL
Take the stickers of your pants and stick them on your face. Logical right?
Run around half naked with dad's beanie
Cheesy smiles and faces to boot!
Bathroom DRAMA!
When you pee you must not lift the lid and hit the back of the toilet!
Terrorize your little brother and squirt him in the face in the bath!
Color your hands and need a bath.
Stick Hulk and Spiderman heads all over moms mirror.
Room Drama
Crawl in brothers crib in the middle of the night and have a party.
WRITE on the WALL AXT ... Really love you can write now but my walls!
Put car parts in the wall heater ... really my house has not burnt down yet!
Throw things at the wall like an airplane to break of the plaster
Make my carpet so dirty dad has to clean it late at night and
oh yeah blow it dry with the leaf blower ... can you say White Trash ... LOL
Run over moms foot with a Monster truck!
Kind of share trains with brother
Get excited about a Wii Game even if we don't own a Wii
Puzzle time ... about 5 minutes of quiet time
Play nice when we are allowed to use a friends Wii
And the Topper!!!!!
Sneak out of bed and get GUM!!! Yup Gum in the hair!!
After 3 hours and a jar of peanut butter, thank you Grandma Pat she got most of it out.
Just a little left on our kneck, chin and some still in the hair.
Haircut time, thankfully it wasn't a shave!
Hairdresser asking "What is this in his hair"
Mom trying to crawl under the chair and hide really I didn't give it to him!
There you go can you believe this was just one week in my life??
Yup I'm too cute to be duct taped to the wall right??


  1. ok. my son is 18 months old, and a handful. any hopes of him getting BETTER with age have just disappeared...thanks! lol ;o)

  2. Awesome toenail polish! I'm SO jealous! :O)

    I always love pics of the kids! I too am a camera neurotic! It goes with me everywhere! Girl is SO used to the camera being in her face all the time that now, at the age of 14mos, when I tell her to say cheese she is starting to make horrific faces! 14 months! She has quite the personality and I am SO IN TROUBLE!

  3. Oh man sounds like a long week......LOL
    I'm so glad my son is 16 now!

  4. Man that boy is way too funny... I see you do have your hands full.. Your poor foot.

  5. They STILL write on the wall at 5! Bummer! I'm not going to bother fixing my kids' room up yet! LOL!

  6. This is why I have 2 girls...they are perfect angels.....right

  7. heh heh. At least your kids don't chew on anything and everything, poop at will and eat hay. Or grow horns for that matter.

  8. Haha! Well he's definitely got an imagination! I love his haircut and you're right, who could be mad at that cute face?

  9. Five sure is fun :) I have a girlie that is as much fun LOL Hope your foot is better!

  10. Boy it looks like he has allot of fun playing. I forget how much trouble little ones can get into!

  11. That's life with boys. It only gets worse, too. I think I would have shaved his head. I'm lazy like that.

  12. And look at the big cheesy grin on his face all the time!

    Is there a child that makes it through childhood without gum in the hair?

  13. Wow girl! He sure keeps you on your toes! Or runs over your toes. Ha. ;) Hang in there!

  14. Oh week?.....sorry about foot...
    Like the 'kind of'

  15. Definitely too cute to be duct taped to the wall! LOL!

  16. Wow. All I can say is this: Cute toenails.
    Oh, and I do recall my brother and his friends actually duct taping another friend to the wall (she went willingly and it made a great photo as she was sideways and halfway up the wall).

  17. OMG! I just can't stop with the giggles!! Seeing those pictures,and remembering almost all of those things like the letters wrote on the wall,the gum in the hair,etc...I am just beside myself,almost blurry eyed...Sheesh! I never thought I'd really miss some of those things that our kiddo's do.I recall thinking back to the day when I told my Dad "boy I SURE will be glad when they become teenagers and we could just have all kinds of fun"!! and my Dad gave me "THAT TALK"...something like you better appreciate em' while their young,blah,blah,blah....and Ohhh he was so right.I loved the adoreable things they would do as any mommy does..but sometimes when we would be running late and I would be loading them in the car and happen to notice after fixxing Rayvens hair so cute w/ bows etc..she had dumped a bottle of baby oil ALL over her head and brushed it.Have you EVER tried to wash that stuff out(in a hurry,at that)??
    Now,I think back and just die laughing about those moments....and even can go back and READ about stuff,cuz I kept diaries(even the ones w/ little tiny locks)lol...and so NOW we have the internet age,and its much easier to document these times.
    So be sure and have backup CD's of these pix and written moments,cuz you'll do JUST like me,I bet,and look back on them and get a good laugh on a bummer day.I'm a scrapbooker,back before scrapbooking was heard I loove to pull out those videos and books and stroll through them,cuz believe it or not...I always see stuff that I had totally forgotten about,and am SO glad I documented when they come over they love to look at themselves,the pics,the videos,etc...
    This post is just downright awesome.My fave hurts cuz I'm still smiling right now...LOL
    Oh,and.. Great way to start my day,as your my 1st on my blog faves that I've peeped in on.
    thumbs up to all the Mommies!!

  18. my comment TOO SHORT,hun?

  19. Wow, looks like it's really cool to be 5. I wish I could go back for just a few hours. I hope you foot is OK.

  20. LOL!! My 5 year old's life isn't quite as exciting as that, but still crazy... LOL!

  21. Alexis, you always bring me back to my boys childhoods. Do you know how much spackle and DARK blue paint we used on my boys room when we were trying to sell our house up north? There were holes and black PERMANENT marker on the wall. We had to take the ceiling fan down because all the blades were bent. Bath time was always fun and the toilet - NASTY!!
    Your boys sound just like mine, and you sound a lot like me, so your kids will turn out just fine!


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