Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thursday DVD Review ~ Rainy Weekend Lot's of Movies

It was a rainy holiday weekend which lead to some serious movie watching. I also had a few Lifetime Ones I caught but I couldn't find the photo of the synopsis of them so maybe next time.

This is a great movie a little on the dark side but you so expect that from Tim Burton. Usually I don't like his movies or I should say some I like but not LOVE. This is one that I would LOVE to buy. Johnny Depp rocks but when he did Charlie and The Chocolate Factory I just couldn't get into, it was my classic movie you just couldn't touch it. This one they took a classic and built on it. The only thing that annoyed me was Anne Hathaway's dark eyebrows with the white face ... what you thought it too! The boy didn't really get into it, I thought with the colors and the animals they would love it but they didn't get into it. My Sci-Fi dad loved it. It was a great twist of the classic with a world you would just have to watch every moment or you will miss something. One you may have to watch a few times to catch it all. This Alice also reminded me a grown up.
A 19-year-old Alice (Mia Wasikowska) journeys through Underland, where she experiences strange ordeals and encounters peculiar characters, including the vaporous Cheshire Cat (voiced by Stephen Fry), the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) and the sadistic Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter). Anne Hathaway, Alan Rickman, Matt Lucas and Crispin Glover co-star in director Tim Burton's bold adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic.

What a cute movie it's a chick flick but I think a guy could actually get some laughs out of it too! You of course see what is coming but you have to laugh along the way as she prances around with $600 shoes and Louie luggage. She fries the town trying to plug in her black berry, at times you want to hate her but she is just so cute you just have to laugh at her behavior. It's a good rental, not sure I would watch it again. Perfect for a rainy day :) watching movies.
Anna (Amy Adams) chooses February 29 to propose marriage to her "perfect" boyfriend, Jeremy (Adam Scott), sure he'll accept because of an Irish custom. But after meeting charming innkeeper Declan (Matthew Goode) en route to Dublin, Anna must evaluate her original plans. Anand Tucker directs this charming romantic comedy about finding what one really wants in the most unexpected places. John Lithgow co-stars.

A cute one for the kids and enough that even an adult could sit threw with out being to overdosed with this is a kids movie. It was sad not to see Eddie Murphy in it. He sure does add a great flair to the movies but it was a funny one. The boys watched it a few times before it went back to the mail man :).
When college-bound "animal whisperer" Maya Dolittle (Kyla Pratt) assists movie star Tiffany Monaco's (Tegan Moss) Chihuahua, she gets sucked into the allure and flashiness of Hollywood after an impressed Tiffany offers her a plum television gig. But Maya's wisecracking mutt, Lucky, helps her hold on to her perspective -- and her true dream of becoming a veterinarian -- in this adventurous, cuddly family comedy.

Rick's been wanting to watch this one for a while, this is something that happened here in Seattle a few years back. Talk about scary times. I found this on Netflix Instant Download for Rick. I didn't care to watch it, the news coverage is in my mind forever. There is an all star cast and Rick said they did a good job of sticking to what happened with of course some Hollywood touches.
With the World Trade Organization about to convene in his city, Seattle's Mayor Jim Tobin (Ray Liotta) tries to make sure all events go smoothly. As tensions between protestors and authorities rise out of control, activists and bystanders get caught in the crossfire. Based on the 1999 protest referred to as the "Battle of Seattle," this drama features Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, André Benjamin, Connie Nielsen and Michelle Rodriguez.

Anything Scooby-Doo is a hit here at the house and I was super excited to find a new movie to the Netflix Instant Download. How can you go wrong with Scooby-Doo? You can't the story always keeps the kids around the room and mom can even get a few laughs in. And I love Matthew Lillard and he does a great job with his voice overs.
While paying a visit to the secluded Whirlen Merlin Magic Academy, Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Fred and Velma attempt to stop sinister forces that want the school closed. But to thwart the baddies, the gang will have to face a slew of menacing monsters. Full of surprising twists and turns -- not to mention the goofy antics of everybody's favorite cowardly canine -- this animated adventure delivers a spine-tingling blend of magic and mystery.

Caden wanted to watch birds, Netflix Instant Download to the rescue. Have a said yet again how much I LOVE this feature!! What colorful and beautiful birds, of course Caden didn't sit down for long but he did walk in and out and comment on the birds. Great Movie to catch for you bird watchers.
Presented by world-renowned broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough, this arresting documentary series is the definitive film exploration of the most colorful, popular and perfectly adapted creatures on earth. To create it, researchers traversed the globe, exploring 42 countries and examining more than 300 species of birds using a variety of techniques, including infrared, slow motion and computer-enhanced effects.
As you can now tell the boys LOVE anything airplanes. This was on the Netflix Instant download. This is from the History Channel and very informative, I thought the boys would not really like this but I was surprised when they want to watch a new episode the last few mornings. Great show for you history buffs.
Miles in the sky, speeding along at hundreds of miles per hour, almost nothing can compare with the dangerous rush of aerial combat. But this popular series comes close, putting viewers next to the daring pilots during some of the most famous air battles in history. Climb into the cockpit and experience intense engagements from World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam through historical footage, computer animation and interviews with pilots.


  1. I really wanted to see Alice in Wonderland but thought it might scare my girls and we are huge scooby doo fans here. You can never go wrong with that. Also...I changed my profile pic just for you. You're right it was an oldie :)

  2. Leap Year sounds like a fun one. I'm tired and stressed enough that I'd rather watch something that doesn't tax my brain too much. LOL

  3. Ok, I think I'm going to get The Life of Birds for my son. I'm serious! I didn't like the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory either, but if you like the new Alice, I will too. I'm gonna watch it! Thanks for the great reviews. I trust you! Therefore, I am holding you responsible for anything that goes wrong. Ha!

  4. Wow what different movies you have this week.. Planes and Scooby Doo.. That is just the best. I want to see Leap Year. Alice and Wonderland looks interesting..

    Have a great day Poser..

  5. I DID think the same thing about her eyebrows! LOL

    We're doing the Netflix instant thing now too and I love it. My kids are going to stay with my mom for 2 weeks. They're taking the wii and have out Netflix passoword so they can all watch a bunch of movies.

  6. There were several that sounded real good... I love netflix esp when i have money on my card it doesnt stop our service..LOL... We are getting Alf season 2 disk four in the next few days..


    i've been having ants in my pants to get a hold of it... now even more so... thnx for the review..

    though i HATED HATED sweeney todd.. other than that.. i think the combo of johnny and tim can do NO WRONG..

  8. So do you watch these in your sleep! I almost bought Alice the other day but didn't. I do want to see it. I also want to see Leap Year. Thanks for the reviews. The others I'm not so sure about but I value your opinion.

  9. Seems like those instant downloads are great for the kids.

    I keep forgetting to tell you that my goat had her kids and the photos are here:

    I thought the boys would like the photos.

  10. an excellent array of reviews u do a great job xxx

  11. I haven't seen any of those and haven't heard of most of them... of course. BUT I went to go see Sex and the City on Sunday. Aren't you proud? :)

  12. I keep seeing great reviews for Alice in Wonderland but have it in my head that I'm going to hate it. It's at the $1 Movie Theater now. I should just risk the dollar and go! :p

  13. I'd like to see Leap Year. Will have to add it to the list. As for Alice in Wonderland, I wasn't impressed. I watched it in theaters with three others and none of us had our expectations met.

  14. LOVED Leap Year! Probably because it's Amy Adams...and probably because it was Ireland (brought back good memories).


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