Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WWW ~ Birthday Party & NW Trek

It was a busy busy weekend here. I worked Saturday and then off to get the boys ready and out the door to a birthday party. Sorry no pictures I forgot my camera, I know shocker!!
Well don't worry there was nothing to take a picture of the party started an 1 1/2 hours late, it poured outside so I had to wrangle kids for the party. It was a family party so of course all the adults hung out which is great unless you have young kids. And guess who's kids were told to shh and sit the whole time. IT'S a party they are suppose to running not sitting in the living room watching a movie!!! UGH
Sunday we went to church and my new church friend Kari and her son got together for a trip to NW Trek. Well first we did the Church BBQ in honor of Fathers Day. We of course picked the table with the couple who does not like kids. The guy told Cole you better not spill my coffee or I'm going to be mad and the lady said I'm so glad my kids are grown I don't care for kids. Yup GREAT!
But we headed to Northwest Trek which is a HUGE park of animals and has a tram that takes you threw the park also. It's a great walk and let me tell you we walked in POURING down rain!! The tram was nice it was an hour that we rode in to stay dry.
After the Trek Kari treated us to dinner at the restaurant she waitress at. It was such a wonderful way to end the weekend.
The many hair do's of Alexis
Pre, Prepping & After Rain
Getting started at the Park!
Checking out all the cool animals on & off tram.
Yes the slug was a big hit too!

So there you have it our crazy backed weekend that of course ended with kids asleep in the car!Posted by Picasa


  1. Uhm, we are at CHURCH on FATHER'S DAY complaining about CHILDREN?!

    Methinks we need to remember our CHRISTIAN values.

    I have been to Northwest Trek and it is totally cool! We have friends in - crap, my brain is not going to let me remember where - but not far from where NW Trek is located. They live on a lake with a gorgeous view of Mt. Ranier. My hubby went to college with them in the days of horse and buggy

  2. I'm glad you had some fun time, even if it was raining...

  3. I wish my hair would look that good after it got rained on!

  4. what RUDE ppl you sit with at church!!! seriously.. i go tip toeing around ppl scared to hurt anyones feeling.. but some ppl just DON'T CARE I GUESS!!!

    that park you guys went to sounds like lots of fun! great pics!!

  5. Too bad it rained :( for the party. That park looks like it was awesome. Cute pictures.

  6. Good times... I always LOVe your days in pics!!! Happy WW!

  7. I love days that sack the kids out in the car on the way home! That almost always means a successful day!

  8. I would have told them that they were welcome to find themselves sommewhere else to sit. Christian values maybe they need a reminder of what they are!
    It sounds like you guys had a great time at NW Trek. I have only been once but it was AWESOME. I hope Rick got to go with you guys, you know, being fathers day and all.

  9. Your hair still looked good after the rain!

  10. Look how cute you are in every shot!

    I can't believe that couple was so blatantly outspoken on their dislike for children!

  11. Wow, you are a comment magnet! :)

    I have something for you at my blog:

  12. I have lived in WA all my life and we have never gone to NW of these days we will make it up there!

    Looks like a fun weekend to me...and love your many looks...!

  13. lol christianity at the very best, lol some christians they are, get the lions out rooooooar lol

  14. What a fun time for sure.. loved the pictures of you my Poser friend.. YOu are so pretty and I love the hair..

    Those children sure had a great time. OH people and not liking children.. They were once a child too.. Oh my I guess the forgot that one..

  15. Looks like you had lots of fun, even in the rain - and your hair looks fabulous any way you wear it because you are such a beautiful person!
    I agree with Priscilla, people complaining about children at CHURCH on FATHER'S DAY - idiots!
    I love the photos of all the kids (and you) at the park, you can tell they had a fantastic time!!


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