Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WWW ~ Pony Rides, Bubble with Slip & Slide and Caden's Birthday Invite

Holy Moly yet another weekend. Saturday I work with a fire under my butt that is because my alarm didn't go off! Yup I was 20 minutes late, CRAP. Thank you Caden for turning mom's volume off AGAIN!!! Then my calls were way down, so that made for a tough morning ;(.
After I finished up it was time for yet another party! My friends 4 y/o was having a Pony party!!! Cole at first was like no way but then got right on and even went for another ride! Caden no way Jose would he even get close to it. He of course was doing his loner bit in the toy room. We had a lot of fun and the weather finally stopped raining!
Sunday we had church and the dream team meeting at church. I yet again signed up for more. Well I signed up for calling ppl to remind them about that they needed to bring in a dish. Then today I get a call that I have a list of 50 ppl to call for a BBQ this weekend. WTF??? I have to much on my plate and I didn't sign up for this. To say I'm pissed is a understatement. I think I need to have a talk with the pastor. I'm willing to help when someone is over loaded but not when they don't want to do the work! UGH. I'm feeling a little like my offering is being taken advantage of.

Then home we went for some slip and slide action with of course soap to make it even funner!
Caden's birthday is on 7/10 and I so spaced on invites so I dressed him up and took a quick picture of him. My parents are hosting the party at their house and to my relief my mom is buying the food. I almost had to push it off a week or two since I currently am in the red with my bank account. UGH I think we have some good news coming soon that will help drag me out, I'll keep you posted!
There you have it!! No sleep for mom yet again ... hehe


  1. How fun! Gavyn is going to be 8 on 7/9 so much planning to do. I really would like a slip n slide, to go on just once again lol. Probably break something though haha.

  2. I get worn out just reading all of the things you do!

    Fifty people to call?! Is email an option?

  3. You do too much for everyone!!! I hope you get that good news soon.

    PS That slip n slide is ginormous! Looks like fun.

  4. Sorry about the video but it loaded for me just now.. I dont know... I embedded it like i would from you tube and it worked fine yesterday too before i told anyone it was there..LOL.. I am really sorry and you sound like us. We really couldnt afford our youngests b-day party either but we managed it.. you will be fine.. and I hope you get great news soon..

  5. way cute pics.. your boys are just adorable..

    and btw- you and your awesome hair is soooo rockin' in that pic.. way cute my dear!!!

  6. Girl you need to stop, drop and roll, on signing up for anything else.

    As usual it makes me need a nap after reading your post.......LOL

    Hang in there and hope good news comes soon.

  7. Those invites are darling.
    I'll keep my fingers and all the hooves will be crossed for you

  8. Oh my gosh!!! Looks like such a fun party!!!

  9. wild times poser.. Great party.. I can't wait to see what happens next. Hugs..

  10. Looks so fun. We just got a slip and slide for my 4 year olds birthday. I'm the worst mom ever, I haven't set it up yet. Looks fun though...

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  11. Oooo we're doing a slip 'n slide for my mom's birthday tomorrow (ok, so she's getting it out for the wee ones; we aren't actually going on it). I love the idea of the soap. I may have to steal that one!

  12. I used to love my slip and slide. I wish I still had one. I may have to make that a purchase soon;) Looks like everyone had fun except maybe for the sleepy mom.

  13. A pony party?! Wow, how much could that have cost?! Yowza! Fun though, for sure!
    You should def stick up for yourself with the pastor. It's great of you to offer your time, but you are very busy too, and for them to throw that on you when you didn't sign up for it is too much. It's ok to stand up for yourself!
    Looking forward to hearing some good news!! =)
    Happy birthday to Caden! YAY!

  14. The photos of Caden are darling. Don't overdo yourself. Volunteering to help is one thing but there's a line where you need to take care of yourself as well.

  15. Just as busy as usual...didn't think that would have changed in the last month though ;-)

    A pony party would be fun!! Did Cole hesitate because of all the pink? ;-)

    I remember having a slip and slide when I was little! Fun stuff!!

    Happy birthday to Caden!! I think I missed your birthday (sorry about that) Happy belated birthday!! :-)

    I'll try to keep an eye out to see what your good news is! I'm excited for you already! :-)

  16. FIFTY people to call are you freakin KIDDING ME? Yeah, I'd say it's time for a little chat. I'd just say, for now, I have to focus on my family and I will let YOU know when I can pitch in and help but this constant neediness is really wearing me out. DUDE!

    Pony party...cool. Ben would be the only one who oculd have one of those b/c of the heat. Josh's birthday is at the end of May and Drew's is in July. Those months, in Texas generally = HELL!

  17. Another weekend where you are doing WAY too much stuff. I think you need to stop volunteering, you have to learn to say no, sweetie. Your heart is just ways too big!!
    I love those pictures of them playing on that HUGE slip-n-slide, I've never seen one so big, I'd love to play on that... though it would probably be "plop and flop" with me on it!! TeeHee
    Such adorable photos of Caden... he is just a cutie-pie. I know he is gonna have a great time at his party, no matter what he gets or doesn't get, he loves you and knows you love him.
    P.S. We used to use a little soap on the slip & slide, too, makes you go FAST!!


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