Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little something for the kid in all of us (PLUS a doggy one too)

Manic Monday Meals-1
I made some special treats for the boys and yes the boy dog Jake Smile. Everyone loved these! 
This strips were so yummy and Cole went back for thirds Smile!!  I tweaked this recipe a bit and made it my own (make sure to click the recipe tab below).  Recipe was found here.

Crunchy Parmesan Chicken Strips/Nuggets

<p>These Chicken strips where great, I cut a few smaller ones in the size of nuggets for the boys!</p>

See Crunchy Parmesan Chicken Strips/Nuggets on Key Ingredient.

Then I made these yummy Mac & Cheese that look like cute cupcakes!  I really enjoyed these, the boys I don’t think liked the whole cupcake look … lol.  You know it wasn’t full of sugar .. hehe.

Easy Mac & Cheese Cupcake

<p>These are so cute made in a muffin tin for individual mac and cheese cups. Perfect for kids and adults!</p>

See Easy Mac & Cheese Cupcake on Key Ingredient.

Then a simple desert that was so fluffy & delicious.  Recipe found here.


Chocolate Eclair Squares

<p>This was a fabulous recipe that was light and fluffy and I could eat it all if I could get away with it :).</p>

See Chocolate Eclair Squares on Key Ingredient.

Then a treat for my furry friend Jake.  My lovely inspiration doggy biscuit lady made this recipe in the shape of a pretzel but for the life of me it didn’t work for me so I made little men!!  Make sure to check out my inspiration Doggy Dessert Chef.

Peanut Butter Little Men (Dog Biscuit)

<p>This was a simple easy dog biscuit recipe, the original recipe was shaped into a pretzel but as it warned the dough is very crumbly and I couldn&#8217;t get mine to form right so plan B was to roll out like a cookie dough and cut out men :).</p>

See Peanut Butter Little Men (Dog Biscuit) on Key Ingredient.

Happy Monday everyone!!


  1. I want the mac and cheese cupcakes please!

  2. Yum! I'm posting my chicken tenders recipe this week. I fried them this time, but usually bake them

  3. All looks tasty - even the dog biscuits!

  4. I have got to not come here on an empty stomach! I wish your blog had smell-o-vision! these look sooooo yummy! Blessings, Joanne

  5. bahahahahahaha!!!
    ditto to what 'the blond duck' said... i'd eat it ALL too..
    but seriously.. mac n cheese cups.. oh good grief... that shouts to my southern roots big time!!

  6. I want to try that Mac and Cheese that looks so yummy.. Looks like another great week of food for sure.. Have a great weekend..

  7. Gotta take care of everone in thehouse, including the dog! LOL - Everything looks delicious!

  8. Mac and cheese that's different and neat!

  9. Yummyness as usual!! :-) Even the dog treats look good! ;-)

  10. Awesome recipes. I must try the eclair squares, they look yummy.
    You have been busy. So how is Jake?

  11. I really have to make an effort to not let so much time pass between visits. All these food posts are making me hungry and I just had dinner! :)


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