Thursday, May 5, 2011

Get your shoes on … or those funny shoes that look like feet?

Happy Thursday it was yet another busy night for us with they gym (which didn’t turn out so well … see the note below) and then to swim class.  Mom pooped and dad again doesn’t understand why mom is tried and doesn’t have time for couple time … ugh!

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  1. Do people really wear those at your gym? I've heard of them and I saw people wearing them at the 5k I did, but I've never seen someone wearing them at the gym. Stylin'!

  2. Boys! I hope they learned that biting is never a good option. Hitting either.

  3. My sister has been wearing those shoes and loves them! I agree that they look funny though :-)

  4. And that.... Is why I don't go to the gym! Well not really, but it could be ;)
    I have tried, but I just don't get the shoes.

  5. Those shoes creep me out too!

    Oh I think I have shared with you on many occasions about walking the 'walk of shame' when I would pick Aaron up after school...I so feel your pain...I wanted him to grow up with a good sense of humor, but he took it a bit too far when it came to pranks at school!

  6. i agree with u darls the shoes r creepy i had seen them on a blog a while ago but that was a hiking blog still weird... i know id be gettin my poor pinky caught/knocked on everything id end up with no pinky at all i reckon lol.. ahh the makes u wonder sometimes what ppl r thinking with their actions... it use to bother me so much when hubby n i would work out together n we would see ppl get done with a machine n just walk away no returning of the mag theyd been wiping the machine down....even tho it was all wet n sticky from them sweating all over the place...its like really? r u in that much of a rush u cant wipe it down takes no time at all...bah!

  7. oh these are too fun - my mom has definitely heard her name over more than a few loud speakers :)

  8. Oh man think I'm weird but I am dying for a pair of those shoes, I love them! They look perfect for running/working out.

  9. I do love the stories you share. I wish I lived closer so we could go together we would have so much fun..

    I do not like those shoes either.. They are wild..

    No cheese with peaches was eaten in my house.

    Thanks for the kind words..

    Have a great night..

  10. You are not wierd, those shoes ARE creepy!

  11. JUst one word about those shoes
    they give me the heebee geebees! OH I have done that walk of shame to the teacher's room...yes mam and it is horrible! In fact you just gave me an idea for a post! Blessings, Joanne

  12. Your trips to the gym are quite the adventure! I saw those shoes in a magazine and thought they were very odd.

  13. oh tales of the gym!!
    happy early mothers day!!

  14. Your post-its always make me crack-up... Sorry about the boys difficulties. Alex used to bite his big brother when he got hit because it was the only way he could defend himself. We put a stop to that right away.
    Those shoes are the weirdest things I have ever seen, they look like something you would swim in. HaHa
    Glad you are still going, I'm pulling for you!

  15. I had to do a double take when I saw those shoes. People actually wear them?!


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