Monday, May 23, 2011

Meatballs Galore & What to do with Zucchini!

As you may have guessed by now meatballs are a favorite around here.  On my mission to eat healthy I’ve been looking for those great recipes with the flavors we love but not with all the calories.  I have found two great meatball recipes and then some yummy zucchini pancakes Smile.

First off are a favorite that Rick (who we all know rather eat fast food then good food, went back and ate the ALL the left over meatballs).  Swedish Meatballs are a hit I must say!


Swedish Meatballs (WW 5pts)

<p>These meatballs were so yummy and the sauce was amazing. Rick actually went back for seconds and for him that is unusual.</p>

See Swedish Meatballs (WW 5pts) on Key Ingredient.

New on the menu was a healthy spaghetti and meatballs.  The taste of these were great and what a great way to get broccoli in your meal also!


Healthy Spaghetti and Meatballs

<p>Another great classic done on the light side :).</p>

See Healthy Spaghetti and Meatballs on Key Ingredient.

And what to do with Zucchini out of your garden well of course make some Zucchini Pancakes!


Zucchini Pancakes

<p>Looking for something to do with your zucchini, try this low fat version.</p>

See Zucchini Pancakes on Key Ingredient.

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  1. Ok i dont mind swedish meatballs but I do not like Zuchini.. Its not him this time its me.. LOL.. I love my vegies but not that.. Thanks for the recipes though..

  2. We love Swedish Meatballs at our house!

  3. This sounds great! Have you ever made Porcupine Balls (meatballs)? They're yummy and fun! ;-) I just posted the recipe on my food blog, .

  4. mmm those meatballs sound yumo! and totally next time add the shredded drained zuc to ur next batch of meatballs :) best thing about zucs? they can go in anything sweet or savory lol :)

  5. I love meatballs! My son hates them....if he didn't look like me I'd swear he was switched at birth. Blessings, Joanne

  6. Those zucchini pancakes sound interesting! If we like potato pancakes, I would think these would be a hit too!

  7. I love swedish meatballs...I could go for a few right now. My appetite is slowly coming back and food is looking good again! I wish I had your energy in the kitchen!

  8. that is so yummy.. Be by soon.. Love ya.. With my fork of course..

  9. Honestly, when do you find time to work, take care of the kids, clean house and do laundry? You spend so much time in the kitchen. Great recipes, they sound yummy!

  10. Those Zuchinni pancakes look great-I only just planted my Zuchinni seedling yesterday-but i've got this idea socked away for when I'm drowning in the stuff in a month or so.


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