Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wow another weekend I think I sat down at one point!

It was one of those amazing weekends that kept us a moving!  Saturday was the day of stuff as much as you can in one day.  Saturday was a busy day at work and then some running around then off to a bouncy house party!  Since we live in the North West it of course rained but the kids had fun anyways!  It was a great time plus it was at a friends house that I haven’t seen since High School.

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Then after the birthday party we head back home to meet Cole’s school at the Rainier’s Game.  Can I say again how much I love this school.  Our tickets came with a hotdog, chips and a drink.  The boys actually did really well.  Caden got a bit antsy but it was fun and for you who know me know I HATE baseball and I actually enjoyed it.

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Then Sunday after church we headed to a friends house for a little play time.  I then thought we would go to a park. So after 2 places and a no go I thought what the heck let’s go to McD’s and the kids can play.  This is when I almost went postal!  There were around 20+ kids running screaming.  When a BIG dad came marching up to me screaming at me I need to check my kid and he was out of control and he threw a young kid?  I was WTF?  Cole is a lot of things loud and has tons of energy but I HAVE NEVER seen him throw a child.  Then the guy brought the mom over to me to show the back.  I made Cole apologize but I was beyond words.  If I was on my game I probably would have smacked the dad.  I talked to Cole and Caden later and he said in tears he never threw the kid.  He did trip and accidently pushed him.  I was so furious that guy made me feel so small along with all the NASTY looks I got from other parents that had no clue but immediately made my son the bad guy.  NEXT time dude you get in my face you’ll be on your arse!!

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It was my turn to make dinner for the youth group at church so I whipped up a great potato soup (I added in some spinach to give them a little more veggies).  I know most of these kids only eat fast food so I love to make sure I give them something new each time it’s my turn.  The youth group leader came up to me on Sunday to tell me how much they enjoyed it! Got to love that! Smile


Crockpot Potato Soup

<p>I made this for the youth group dinner at church and I&#8217;ve been told they loved it ;).</p>

See Crockpot Potato Soup on Key Ingredient.

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  1. Sounds like another fun and yummy weekend! Well, except the ass at McD's.

  2. What a butthead at the McD's! Glad you guys had a fun weekend anyway!

  3. What a complete jerk. Talk about overstepping! Your potato soup sounds fabulous!

  4. Oh my Gosh Alexis sort of the same thing happened at my son's soccer game on Sunday (no goal yet for D :O( sniff) This Dad from the other team goes and challenges a Dad from our team saying that our team's Dad said something to his kid. It was a total misunderstanding, but I was so nervous it was going to go to blows! and don't get me started talking about my Daughter's lacrosse games....I'm begining to hate sports! I feel so sorry for your son and don't beat yourself up. I have been in the exact same situation and I have learned to ask my child first what happened and then act...I learned that the hard way :o(

  5. With some people they just scream and ask questions later. And of course THEIR kid will NEVER do anything wrong

  6. Thanks for coming by. You've got a wonderfully fun blog and it's definitely soup weather. Potato soup sounds like it would hit the spot.
    Be well.

  7. I exhausted reading this!!!
    Sorry about the unkind man.
    Sounds like some fun stuff.

  8. PS I meant to join your following and came back to do just that.

  9. A lot of parents are quick to judge other people's children but not their own. I'm sure I would've went postal on that dad. The soup you make looks delicious.

  10. Sounds like you need to find another McD's play land to take the boys to.

    Busy, busy, busy...what would happen if you stayed home one entire weekend? LOL

  11. You are always so busy, but I know that the boys love what you do with them. Sorry about what that man did to you and the boys. Sounds like you need a new McD's.
    The soup sounds delicious... =)
    Thanks so much for the plug.
    YOU ROCK!!!


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