Monday, March 28, 2011

Blogger hates me no pictures so a bad interview :)

So I had my whole recipe planned for this weekend but then blogger is hating on me and won't allow any pictures or even allow me to add my recipe card widgets! WHAT the heck blogger, usually you are my friend!!

Everyone have a GREAT day! We had a busy weekend :)

Rick took Cole to get a haircut, Cole picked out a BOWL haircut and Rick allowed him to do it! The lady cut his bangs at a angle like he needed some punk look. But sadly she didn't do it on purpose, she really messed up the haircut. My mom tried to correct the bangs but they are so short. OH boy!!!

I went to the Gym Fri, Sat & Sun. Thank God the Silent Farter didn't get next to me again, I may have to carry a bottle of Gas X next time!

I leave you with the Worest Job Interview:

A head hunter found me a interview as a receptionist (almost 7 years ago). I just had Cole so I was still wearing my maternity dressy work clothes. Yes I was let go from my job of 7 years when I returned from maternity leave to find my job had been reorganized and given to some punk kid out of college!

I walked into the place I recognized the girl behind the desk as a girl that went to high school with my friend a class behind me. I said hi I think you went to school with such and such. She was kind of pleasant and said hi and walked away.

I then went into what I will refer to as the WAR ROOM. Two gentle tag teamed interviewed me. They grilled me on answering phones how to order supplies. Which then yelled at me that I would order from the order book and not HAGGLE with the sales people. Then he commented on my clothes asking me if I thought this was professional look. I let him know I just had a baby and this was what I had at the time. He then told me it wasn't professional, MIND you he was dressed in semi casual as long as everyone in his office.

He then told me he didn't like the head hunters choice that he would even hire the last person she sent him. That she was even qualified to "Carry out his garbage". Oh yes he was a prince plus I just had a baby and was not feeling good about my weight or emotions. He made a few more comments about my clothes and my way I handled myself. He pretty much told me I was usless. I think he wanted me to fight back with him to show him fire, that is what my dad said to me after I told him. Yup got no sympathy there either. I ended up holding in my tears. That was until I got to the car. I called the head hunter in tears and told her all about it, your right she never called me back ... lol. She probably thought I was a loon and yes I called her several times like a dork.

There is a little more to it but that is the jest of it ... lol. Mind you every boss I've worked for has loved me and I talk to almost all my old bosses. Who knows about this crazy GUY.


  1. What a jerk - they didn't deserve to have you work there anyways!!

  2. I hate blogger.

    Guy was an idiot. You are better off without him

  3. I hate blogger.

    Guy was an idiot. You are better off without him

  4. Wow I saw your idea of an Easter Bunny. That is just too funny. You are a hard worker and do not need someone like that. Have a great day my poser friend. Hugs and love and yeah for gym time!

  5. Bummer about blogger.

    I am so sorry about that job interview.
    They had no consideration at all.
    Zero consideration!

  6. That interview sounds like the "Interview from HELL!" What a moronic douche! I would have cried alot sooner than you did. :o(
    Blessings, Joanne

  7. I think you were lucky not to end up working there. He sounds like a complete loser!

  8. we have words for blokes like him "tossers" how dare he upset you, grrr

  9. He sounds like a terrible boss! You would have hated working there any way.

  10. Wow what a loser! I agree with everyone else, better off not there. This is why I left blogger my dear, hope it starts working for you soon.

  11. So glad you were able to go to the gym so many times. Can't wait to see the haircut. Wow, what a horrible interview. I guess you were lucky to not get the job, who would have wanted to work for that jerk!! But things like that certainly don't help our self-esteem. ((HUGS))

  12. I have had problems in the past, but am too tired and busy to change things is too darn hard to learn too


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