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Friday, October 14, 2011

Remakes What Do You Think?

As many of you know I’m not much for change … hehe yes I get a little mother lion if things are done a way I’m use to.  I’m the same thing with things I think are classics.  I love cult following movies, songs etc.  Some things just are best done by the original artist right? 

I’m huge fan of great music from the past: ie: The Beatles, Pink Floyd .. etc.  Then you have my 80’s movies: ie: Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and Footloose.

Yup you know were I’m going, when I went to the movies I saw the previews for a new movie … oh yes Footloose.  Ok this was the first time I went to the movies in 4 years and I DVR everything so I fast forward threw commercials.  This was news to me they remade one of my favorites.  I just shook my head and was thinking oh really.

So what are your thoughts?  Are you a fan of remakes?  While watching the preview it seems that they stuck to the original movie so is that just remaking the movie with new people? 

Original FootlooseNew Footloosenew vs old

Re-Makes Ya or Na?


  1. I can't remember the old footloose and I am sure I won't see the new footloose

  2. I don't mind remakes but for some reason I don't like this one and I haven't even seen it! Maybe because the old one was made when i was that whole story doesnt seem plausible. now if they remade my beloved pretty in pink I'd lead a protest! LOL!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. I'm not thrilled about it but I want to see it. To me a remake was a movie that happened years before my time and I was okay with that.
    This seems too soon to me but I do hope that the young people who see it love it like I loved the original. Why do they feel the need to remake something so perfect?

  4. Thats any movie.. If they make one copy of it why remake it years later.. That is what makes the old movies so much better... Not the new stuff they are coming out with as time goes on.. I dont get it.. oh well.. I am not interested in seeing this one.. I bought the original for my MIL for x-mas and she loved me dearly for it.

  5. I don't particularly mind remakes although I do agree that the original is usually the best, but not always.
    Same with music. "Here comes the sun" was great and a remake with a more uptmpo beat was also great.

    But some remakes make me wonder. I regret I can't recall the movie but it was not that old and a remake came out that was the same exact script, just different actors. There was another where Lee Remick and Jack Lemmon became alcoholics. He eventually recovered but she did not want to. There was a remake of that one too.

    I might watch the new "Footloose" depending on the ratings. I thought "The Avengers" stunk,should have checked the ratings first.

  6. We actually went to see this tonight for our date. I was pleasantly surprised. I actually enjoyed the movie. I felt like for a remake it was pretty well done. Love, love, loved the music.

  7. See, we are alike, but this will include my comment on cole slaw on the tacos LOL

    I was not a fan of the first, and unless hubby has gone out of town and nothing else is get my picture :) I love you!

  8. I don't particularly want to see this one, but didn't LOVE the first one either. :) I didn't hate it, but it wasn't one of my favorites like Greese, or Dirty Dancing. :)


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