Monday, October 17, 2011

Tacos & Chips? (Well not your normal way)

The boys have been requesting taco’s lately so I found a few that I thought we’d give a shot.  2 healthy and one on the fence .. hehe.  The not so healthy one was just ok so I won't post it ... lol.

First off we had a Chicken Taco that was good, now I couldn’t find the right chicken tenders they talked about so the ones I used not the best but the taco was good.

Chicken Tacos (WW 4pts)

Chicken, Taco, Fajita, Weight Watcher, 4 points

See Chicken Tacos (WW 4pts) on Key Ingredient.

And for the chip part!  Not your normal chips but they sure were tasty I could just eat these for my meals Smile.  These Sweet Potato Chips are easy to make!

Baked Sweet Potato Chips Recipe (WW 1 Pt)

<p>I&#8217;ve done the Sweet Potato Fries now to try out the chips. These were so yummy, mine weren&#8217;t so crispy like the one&#8217;s from the recipe but still yummy!</p>

See Baked Sweet Potato Chips Recipe (WW 1 Pt) on Key Ingredient.

Have a Great Monday!  Anything special on your menu tonight?


  1. My little ones are currently OBSESSED with tacos so I'm trying out different types! My latest pulled pork version is so yummy, I eat just the pork with some homemade mango salsa on top! How healthy is that?! The flavors are so amazing that sour cream, cheese, or a taco shell/tortilla would just muck it all up! I must try this chicken taco recipe too!

  2. I have to try the sweet potato chips! Thanks for the recipe.

  3. As always your food is yummy my dear!

    But, you know with me there is a but, LOL I remember once lettuce was expensive so restaurants in Texas began using cabbage/cole slaw instead and I almost threw a fit. Of course I was much younger then and now eat more widely LOL I love them!

  4. I have made sweet potato fries and they are just yummy and yes I can have those as a meal.....and I think I have once or twice or ten.
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. Chicken tacos sound yummy! I always do beef since that's what we have, but one day I'll have to switch it up :-)

    Your sweet potato chips look yummy! My parents make them on the grill in the summer and I can't stop eating them I like them so much :-)

  6. OOh sweet potato chips, they sound yummy.


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