Thursday, October 13, 2011

I laughed so hard I almost tinkled .. TMI?

Rosie Show

Since the demise of my OLD favorite talk show “The Talk” I have kind of given up on talk shows.  I do DVR Ellen which a fun show and I seem to fast forward threw some of it.  Then I was watching something the other day (yup it was some soul sucking show I’m sure) and before I could fast forward to back to the mind numb I saw a commercial.  Rosie O’Donnell is returning to the talk show game.

The first episode was a little rocky but hey you should expect that, but by the 2nd one they had it going and then 3rd and I’m hooked.  At first I thought I’ll just fast forward threw the songs and games etc.  But then I found myself glued to the show!  This first part she does stand up the old skool way with a mic and all.  LOVE it!  OMGosh this show is hilarious and I can’t stop laughing and loving every minute of it EVEN the game part!!

If you have not watch this show I highly suggest you check it out, heck DVR it so you catch them all!  Rosie has great timing and makes you laugh so hard you almost tinkle … What it is true!  Watch this show you will love it I promise … well I have no money so you can’t come after me if the promise doesn’t come true … lol.

Anyone else seen it?  Enjoy!!!


  1. Never heard of it, but am not a Rosie fan so I'll stay away. Glad you like it though!!

  2. No I haven't watched it yet. I will try to program it...So far I haven't found any new shows that are good. I am looking forward to the fairy tale show on abc it's about all these fairy tale characters that come to the real world but I don't think that they are aware of their true identities.
    As always thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. I am also not a Rosie fan so I will probably stay away too. Not a big fan of Oprah either

  4. I used to love her show - I knew it was airing but had not checked it out yet. I will do so! I can always use a gut busting laugh!!

  5. I haven't seen it yet. I will have to give it a try.

  6. I'm having a hard time watching talk shows lately. I do FF a lot.
    I like the guest part the best so I FF and pretty much only watch that. I am taping Rosie and it's not bad. I have enjoyed Oprah's new life lessons show.

  7. I've seen previews for the show and hope to catch it sometime. I was going to watch it the other day but my husband is soooo not a Rosie fan. I'll have to watch it when he's not around.

  8. Me too!!! Read my latest post...have tissues ready...


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