Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tooth was Pulled & Tears were Shed!


It’s taken me a bit to write this, due to it was such an experience that really rocked this poor mama and little boy.  Last Friday we headed to the dentist, due to loss of insurance I took Caden to a clinic I could pay cash and make payment to.  It is a “kids” clinic, so I figured it was the best place since they deal with just kids.

We got there they took us back a sweet young lady I think doing her residence put Caden in the chair put some cool sunglasses on and the gas mask on him.  Caden kept breathing threw his mouth so of course wasn’t getting the juice.  Then the doc came in tried to cover his mouth so he’d breath threw his nose but not really much luck.  She then put some numbing gel on his tooth, but didn’t wait for it to kick in and went right in with the needle.  That is when the apt went down hill.  The 8 shots sent Caden into a meltdown of screaming that they were hurting him and he wanted me.  At first they kept telling me to sit down they didn’t want me near him.  But I couldn’t take it anymore and went to be with him.  He was trying to crawl out of the chair.  Then she went to try to remove it.  That of course didn’t go over well more screaming and “leave me alones”.  I tried to comfort him.  Then came in assistant #2  who decided that this was the perfect time to come in and say “Ok Caden, this is enough” in her lovely stern voice!  As some of you know we have someone in our life that says this same thing to Caden all the time while Cole can get away with murder … I digress … ugh!

2nd time they had me lay down on his legs while I’m in tears and Caden was in tears they were able to grab the tooth and remove it! My parents picked Cole up and offered for him to stay the night.  Caden and I hit home with the ice cream he was allowed for dinner and I took some Nyquil and early to bed we went.  Cole then decided he wanted to be a turd and didn’t want to go to sleep.  I was knocked out, Rick at work so when they called to bring him home no answers.  They brought him home, poor thing only stays there around 1 or 2 times a year so when it was time to go to bed he of course was not happy and wanted to come home. UGH What a freaking day!  THEN the next day I took boys to Lowe’s kid clinic that I signed up 3 weeks a head of time for.  But of course my gas light came on so I stopped to get gas got to the clinic at 10:18 to find at 10:15 they gave away one of my kits to some SMUCK who didn’t pre-register and just showed up!  YUP that was my weekend.  Head cold finally going away, Caden doing much better now to get over the snow … lol!


  1. It was Friday the 13th! What a day! xxx

  2. Oh poor thing. I dreaded this day when Gav was 4 with his first cavity. Sorry it didn't go so well but glad he is feeling better.

    I see your snow is coming here yay!

  3. Oh no! Poor Caden! (And poor Mom-I wouldn't have done well either!) I'm really not looking forward to getting Morgan's cavities filled in Feb...she has to go in twice! :-/

  4. That was a terrible experience for you all. I am glad that you are getting over your cold anyway!

  5. No way around it, that was a rough weekend. Hope nothing like that happens again anytime soon!

  6. I'm sorry it was so traumatic for him. It's not good to scare him off of dentist's so early in life and they should know that at a kid's clinic. Goat hugs

  7. Hope the next few days go better for you. Poor guy! I have a huge fear of dentists so I totally feel for him. I would've come unglued if my kid was treated that way.

  8. That is just terrible! Both the dentist ( i would have just lost it) and the given away kid (i would have had words). I'm sorry for your weekend and hope things look up soon.

  9. ((HUGS-HUGS-HUGS)) What a terrible ordeal. I am so sorry it didn't run smoothly. What a day you had!

  10. Oh my lovely. I am so sorry you both had to go through this ordeal. I am terrified of the dentist and am dreading when Youngling gets older and may need invasive treatment such as this. I am so pleased Caden is doing better and I wish I was there to have held your hand. Thinking of you all xcx

  11. :( oh my gosh... loch had to have caps put on his teeth when he was 4 and he still blames me as i signed the paper work..but i was not there for him as i was in having surgory the day he had to have them done...i dont even want to know what it would have been like the story he tells is bad and i know its a childs point of view but when grama tells it it really makes my heart ache i cant even imagine how hard this was on u...*HUGS*

  12. Poor all of you... I used to hate the dentist as a kid because I had experiences like that. I STILL hate the dentist and I hope Caden doesn't grow up feeling the same way as I do.
    What a crappy way to spend the weekend. Give both boys a big hug for me. HUGGLES!


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