Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Best Question ever Asked …

imagesWe’ve started a new search at church, ok for you non church people don’t run away =D.  I think this is a “PRACTICAL” idea you can input into your life.  Almost like a resolution but I really think it is so much more than that.

The Question:

“In light of my Past, my Present circumstances, and my future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing to do”

At first I was like oh boy this is another resolution I won’t follow threw with.  But then I sat on it and really started thinking.  Our pastor gave us 4 Areas to look into our life.

  1. Physical
  2. Relational
  3. Spiritual
  4. Professional/Education

So of course I look at my Physical which I know hinders my Relationship.  When I feel frumpy, well you know the rest.  So on to bettering myself.  I feel this is so much better then a resolution.  I put my butt (literally) into gear.  I broke out my Shred it Video by Jillian Micheals and my Kettlebell and here we are today will day #4 of the work out and let me tell you my legs are like jello and my arms feel like I’m an ape and they are hanging down and no way are they coming above my head!

Some other things with this lesson I think also can be PRACTICAL in every day life are:

  1. There is cumulative VALUE to INVESTING small amounts of time in certain activities over a LONG period of time.
    1. My Goal: working out a few minutes per week! Also spending special time with the boys (playing Wii Games, instead of sitting on my arse). And praying nightly with boys.
  2. There are rarely any IMMEDIATE consequences for NEGLECTING single installments of time in any AREA of life.
    1. YES it won’t hurt if I miss one day of the above Goal, but it becomes easier and easier if I “SKIP just this one day”
  3. NEGLECT has a cumulative EFFECT.
    1. My Goal: There will be no weight loss, special time or night time rituals if I NEGLECT these items!
  4. There is no cumulative VALUE to the URGENT things that we allow to interfere with the IMPORTANT things.
    1. My Goal: NOT allow myself to say I just need to check facebook or make this call etc instead of doing what is important to my health which is the working out!

Last on my list is I NEED to get insurance for myself.  When Rick changed to current job the insurance went from being affordable to no way jose!  I think I found a place that I can get me and the boys for $150 a month.  NOW to find the extra money and I can do this!  I MUST go to the doctor I have been off my Thyroid Medicine for a LONG time which is NOT good and I know is effecting my health and with my motivation.  Thyroid controls so much in your body including your weight and energy.

Thank you Google Images for the picture above.


  1. Any efforts made to improve your health - mental and physical - are good improvements. As long as you are doing them for YOURSELF and not for others.

    I wish the politicians all sitting on their high horses and piles of money and cushy health benefits would just spend one week each in the lives of the people they are supposed to be serving so they could understand that it is just not that easy to come up with health insurance or a good paying job.

    OK - enough ranting in your comments. Good for you. I'll be rooting from the goat pen and goat hugs all around. Even from AbbyGoat.

  2. Excellent advice in this post.
    Do follow through with a visit to your doctor concerning your thyroid condition. You are putting yourself at risk if you don't.

    I have faith in you!

  3. Your insurance stuff scares me and you must get your thyroid medication. Amber doesn't have insurance and our doctor will give her a huge break on seeing him. Also there are some good plans to get your prescriptions for less.
    The thyroid is important to your health!

  4. Good luck finding insurance. I lived the life of the uninsured for a couple years. It was very scary.

  5. Good luck finding the extra money to get insurance!

    Also, I love this post!!! It's so true!! :)

  6. This post is very motivating!

    I hope you find the $ to get your insurance. It's scary for you to be without those meds.

  7. Yes, take care of yourself first. I have backed away from blogging, facebook and now even twitter which I do for my magazine, but it takes up so much time. I do think if I had small kids again I would not be out of shape, but maybe even that is an excuse. Sigh.

  8. i KNOW u can pinch those pennies darls and frugal up ur budget to find that extra $$ its so SO important... i know what its like not to have insurance in the states :( so hard.. i wish the states had the health care system we have here in australia... no one goes without when it comes to medical... great post darls!

  9. I love this, it really is worth fining the time to contemplate this, very useful, thanks for sharing.

  10. Yes, please do get to the doctor. I know how important that is, since my mom is on thyroid replacements now. This was a wonderful post!


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