Thursday, September 27, 2012

Insert Rocky Music

Oh yes I feel like I ran up the top of the hill oh yes champ!!!  Ok maybe not ran most like a brisk walk with a limp or two.  Oh yeah and my hip has been going out so maybe a hop and skip.  I've made it threw almost two weeks of temptation here at my parents house.  I swear the longer I'm on a diet the more food that is brought in to tempt me ... lol.  Ok I know I have will power and I can do (I already have a mom don't need any of those pep talks people).  It's almost getting a little comical, when you work at home you can control your environment. BUT when you are in someone else's home working it's like the flood gates are open.  So I put my tunnel vision on to walk from the den to the bathroom and back.  And while preparing dad's meals I just pretend ... hehe.  Here is all the items that are on the black fuzz side of my tunnel vision I pretend not to see!

First we had the Peanut M&M's
(not a peanut fan so I was ok)

The snack station
(only hard one is the chocolate gummy bears)

Then came the Pumpkin with Cream Cheese
(Store bought so I was ok to say no)

Then came the croissants
(that was hard, haven't had carbs in 5 WEEKS, but I sad no)

Then came the black licorice
(Not a fan only like Red so still ok)

Then came rolls WITH Honey Butter!
(Oh man that was hard one, but still no)

THEN came NOT one but FOUR
Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory!

AND this is what I pretend to not look at when I prepare my dad's meals.

I feel like I have entered a reality show "Temptation Island"

YES I know you may be getting sick of me talking about this but it makes me laugh and that is what get's me threw diet, so deal with it ... hehe just playing!!  I hope to bring back some other things soon!


  1. People send food when people are sick. Although I don't understand all the candy out while your mother knows you are trying so hard.

  2. Holy Moly girl you are GOOD! Just glancing at the M&Ms would have made me just pick up the dish and poured them into my mouth! Way to Go!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. LOL thanks Ladies :). Patty, you know we haven't received much food. A pie did arrive yesterday but all this is stuff brought in by mom ... lol.

  4. Way to go. I think once we are on track to have a lifestyle change the temptations don't control us amymore.

  5. I am very proud of you, resisting those temptations!!

  6. Aww. My husband deals with the same thing when we go to Shreveport.

  7. Phew, you really are running the gauntlet of temptation! Great Will Power! xxx

  8. OMG all that temptation, I would have craved earlier. All those candy bits, black lic is great, gummy bears, oh my I am in trouble and as for cheesecake, may as well shoot me now!


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