Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pumpkin Throw Down

As most of you know I'm a little obsessed with pumpkin and come fall I make ALL kinds of recipes.  WELL since on my new diet that is very low carb, NO sugar ... (insert sad face) I have stayed away from my favorite.  So when I walk into my parents house today to pour a cup of coffee, guess what I see!  OH yes a temptation like NO other PUMPKIN Muffins filled with cream cheese!!!  OH man I had to actullay run to my dad's office and shut the door but I swear I can hear it chanting my name!  I may have to have my dad eat a muffin for each meal today so they will go away fast.  I think my mother is trying to kill me ... lol.  I've done so well and haven't touched any of the treats and I'm on week 2 of working at my parents house.  But man pumpkin may be the hardest one yet to walk by.  I need to chant stay strong, down 46lbs and need to keep going!!

They look yucky right
Yup store bought I can fight this? Right?


  1. They looks awful! But I see it is the same problem as in shops in Poland. So I always buy cookies in small shops and in little bakeries, where people know that if they will make something wrong, then other people don't buy anything once againg.
    Greetings from Poland.

  2. Oh I feel, your pain nooommmm.. Stay strong sister victory is yours

  3. I'm the same way with pumpkin-LOVE the pumpkin baked goods! You can get through this though! :-)

  4. Those look yummy. Way to go on the weight loss. I have been on a plateau again for two months. I am still only at 30 lbs. loss. I think I may need to change my diet.


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