Friday, September 21, 2012

I survived the Fair Food!

We took the kids to the fair last night, thankfully with free passes to get in, even a free parking pass and my dad bought the boys dizzy passes (ride passes that allow you to get on rides with out tickets).  OH yes all we had to pay for was food ... yup FOOD the 4 letter word in my life these days.  I have been doing well with the temptations at my parents house, even with the CHEESECAKE from the Cheesecake Factory that was staring at me in the fridge yesterday morning when I went to get food for dad.  YUP I survived that!  BUT then you take me to the fair with all my favorites.  I thought it would be hard to avoid, but by the Grace of God I was able to stick to my guns and only had a hamburger patty.  It wasn't low fat side but I at least I didn't eat the carbs and all the sugar I so wanted!!!

We meet up with a bunch of friends (most of them I have known and lived next to since I was 9 years old)

The kids enjoyed this one, thankfully this wasn't a challenge I don't like it.
Cotton Candy (source)

We walked by Scones (which is usually a fair MUST)

Then Krusty Pups (which is usually a MUST)
Ok NOT the best picture but it showed sign & the corndog.

Then the amazing smell of the Elephant Ears hit me.

We then walked over to get the kids food.
Everyone had an Earthquake Burger's & Fries.

I ended up with a earthquake patty, which was tasty.

Sorry my camera was going dead so I didn't get pictures of food so I had to google them.  But it was very fun I swear I walked 2 miles and I was very good and fought the temptations.  NOW don't ask me to go back again until next year when I'm at my goal weight and can have a splurge day ... lol.

Happy Friday everyone, have a GREAT day and weekend!


  1. Good for you. You see you do have the strength. You can only lose weight when you WANT to lose weight and you are now proving to yourself that you can so you WILL

  2. I love cotton candy! The elephant ears look interesting what are they? Well done you, it is funny how sometimes we are put in a situation and normally we would go mental but othertimes it is amazing how we hold up. A lot to resist but your body wouldn't have wanted much of any of it anyway, so well done

  3. Elephant Ears have become a must for us when we go to the fair now. I never used to get them as a kid (except for maybe a couple times), but now they're a fun treat! I hope you get to enjoy the food more next year :-) And congrats on doing so well this year!! :-)

  4. Good for you! I was pretty good in Chicago with all the foods calling my name.

  5. good for you!!! the prices are so expensive at the fairs it makes it easier for me to resist!!!


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